Schools Out! – Kindergarten Graduation

My calendar is a hot mess right now – between everyone’s schedules, extra curricular activities, and my jobs, it’s been so hard to think straight lately! I’m a little late on our end of the school year postings, but better late than never, right!?

Jules finished Kindergarten a couple of days before Kennedy (who obviously was not happy about that!)


A couple of weeks before school ended, Jules failed her eye screening at school. I brought her to a pediatric optimologist who confirmed Jules is near-sighted. She was able to choose whatever glasses she wanted, and I think they look adorable on her precious face. She is doing surprisingly well at taking care of them!

She sure has grown in the past school year! My baby girl is catching up in height to her big sis.


We can’t thank her teacher enough for everything this school year. We were blessed to have the same Kindergarten teacher Kennedy had…so we’ve been with her for two years straight! We will surely miss her!


Kennedy finished the year with all A’s…she has really grown mentally and physically. Her toes were busting out of her shoes, her skirts were getting shorter, and her shirts were becoming shorter! She will pass momma up in no time.

Ribbet collage2

We were blessed in the teacher department in first grade as well. Her teacher would lend her chapter books throughout the year, and she enjoyed reading “the whole thing!” She loves Language Arts just like her mom!


Later in the week, we all dressed up to attend Jules’ Kindergarten Graduation.





Jules was so excited for all of us to attend – she kept asking, “how many more days!?”



Their class sang a couple of songs on stage, then received their certificates from Father Vincent. My girl could not stop smiling.





We stayed for refreshments and small talk with her friends – a lot of whom she will be seeing all summer!



We are extremely proud of both girls who are doing so well in school. They deserve the best summer break ever! They are already enjoying spending so much time in the pool. They are both darker than me already! Happy summer, ya’ll!




Lock Up Your Princesses (Disney Day 5 – Magic Kingdom)

Our last day was by far our busiest. We did not stop all day until we rode everything and saw everything we wanted! We were there when the park opened and watched the opening show on the castle stage.








We then headed to Haunted Mansion (one of Daddy’s favorites.) Kennedy & Jules rode with Dad while I stayed out and had a snack with Easton. He was tall enough for this ride, but I was not about to traumatize him again like the pirates.

We walked to our next adventure….Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid. The girls have seen this one before, but they love it just as much every time. Easton LOVED “the fish!” throughout the ride.



We walked over to meet Ariel at her grotto. Her tail was so beautiful, and they all wanted to touch her fins!



We then shot lasers at some aliens on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This was another one of Easton & Dad’s favorites.

We used our FastPass for Space Mountain. This was the first time the girls rode Space Mountain…and they were able to go twice!



We then rode another favorite…Dumbo the Flying Elephant (or “Gumbo” as Easton calls it). While we rode, Seth was able to enjoy his turkey leg he had been eyeing.


We took a snack break and parked ourselves on the sidewalk for the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party. The characters came in the street and everyone was up on their feet dancing. All the kids LOVED this parade. They could not stop smiling.







Not long after we grabbed a quick lunch, ALL of the kids took a nap in the strollers. Seth and I kept walking and looking at everything. We went to a couple of souvenir shops…and no one even flinched. They were exhausted.

They all woke up just in time for Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade. I love this parade, because SO many characters ride and wave to everyone.





The highlight for Jules was when Rapunzel’s float passed. She noticed Jules had a dress on just like hers….she pointed to Jules and smiled, waved, and raised up her skirt to show the similarities between the dresses. Jules’ face was priceless.

Ribbet collage


We then headed to one of Mom’s favorites…Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Since Easton was too short, the girls were able to ride twice. We kept Easton occupied with some ice cream :)



Our next stop was Fairytale Hall where we met Rapunzel & Tiana. DSC_2444g



I knew Easton liked all the characters at Disney, but he LOVED the princesses. His eyes would just light up, and he would look at them with this shy side eye. Seth and I kept laughing so much. He was such a charmer and surely the perfect Prince Charming.



When we got to Tiana, I told her that our family was from Louisiana, too. She said “oh really, what part!?” I told her where we were from, and she looked at me with huge eyes. She said “Are you serious? I’m from St. James Parish!” She asked the girls if they were going to be St. James Wildcats when they were older. We were shocked! How awesome that Tiana was from our area! (She couldn’t say too much more since she was in character, but it was so awesome to meet her and have that connection.)





Tiana loved Easton. She said she wanted to take him back to her house! She asked if she could give him a kiss, and I told her absolutely. She left the perfect red kiss mark on his chubby cheeks. He wore that lipstick mark so proud! What a ham! He knows the tricks with the ladies :)






For dinner we had reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern. Oh. My. Goodness. This quickly became one of our favorite places to eat in Disney. It was like eating a Thanksgiving feast…salad, rolls, turkey, roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni, & dessert. We were STUFFED. It was the perfect last meal!


As if we didn’t have enough excitement that day, Kennedy pulled out her fifth tooth on our last day in Disney. She put her tooth under her pillow in hopes the Tooth Fairy would make it all the way to Disney World…..but the tooth Fairy did not come. Tinkerbell came instead! That little green fairy snuck into our room and left Kennedy a note under her pillow (written on a zip loc bag, because obviously she couldn’t find paper).


The note read, “I hope I didn’t leave too much pixie dust on the floor! P.S. Check your autograph book!” Both girls jumped out of bed to check Tinkerbell’s page in their books. To our surprise, she signed BOTH of their books next to her picture! To Mommy’s surprise, Tinkerbell spelled her name wrong. (OMG) She added an extra “E” just like Belle has on her name. (She must have been rushing or half asleep) No one noticed, so all is well in the magical world :)


We had the most wonderful time in the most magical place in the world. It was hectic with three kids and two parents, but we made some really good memories I know they will remember. Thanks again, Disney :)


URGENT CARE (Disney Day 4 – Hollywood Studios)

The girls jumped out of bed on this day, because they could not wait to ride Tower of Terror (it’s one of their favorites)





Since Mom & Dad rode with the parent swap option, they girls were able to ride back to back!



We then walked to the Aerosmith Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster. Jules was about 2 inches too short for this ride. I rode with Kennedy while Jules & Easton had a snack break with Dad.




We headed to the Toy Story  portion of the park. Easton has been loving Toy Story lately, so I could not wait for him to meet Buzz Lightyear & Woody. First we rode Toy Story Mania. We had to wear 3D glasses and shoot the targets. He LOVED this ride..I think it was his favorite. He kept yelling, “Shoot! Shoot!”



While we waited to meet Buzz Lightyear & Woody, we had a little too much fun with all the photo ops.




Well my boy was so intrigued by Buzz Lightyear, he totally passed up Woody and left him with his hands out waiting for a hug!



He was obsessed with Buzz and just kept smiling and staring at him. I had to tell him to turn around to notice Woody was there!

The girls said they couldn’t believe how BIG they were in size!





Since Easton could not ride much at this park, I knew we had to take him to see Disney Junior Live on Stage. It’s a show that takes kids through the different Disney Junior shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, and Jake & The Neverland Pirates. Easton only watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but he thoroughly enjoyed the show.


Kennedy & Jules enjoyed when it “rained” bubbles, doubloons, and confetti!



We arrived back at the room late afternoon that day. We decided we would let the kids play in the arcade since it was about to rain. As we were freshening up, the kids were jumping from bed to bed in our resort room. Jules jumped super high, but missed the bed she was supposed to land on…landing on the floor instead. She landed right on her elbow and immediately started screaming. Momma’s know “that” cry when their child is really hurt. I knew she was in pain. Jules is my tough cookie out of the group, so for her to cry for 30 minutes straight…..I knew I had to bring her to get checked.

I asked the hotel information desk directions to the nearest Urgent Care so I could call an Uber. They immediately sent a manager to come and talk to us in the lobby. She handed Jules a big plush Minnie Mouse doll to help her feel better. The manager told me she would arrange for a taxi to bring us there and back at no charge. I told her they did not have to do that, but they insisted. How sweet!


Thankfully, Jules’ arm was just badly bruised with no sign of a fracture. She did not use it for about 3 days afterwards. She had her one good arm up on roller coasters the next day!

When we arrived back to our room that night, Disney surprised us again. They left balloons and a plush Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse for Easton and Kennedy (for being brave for their sister.) I was blown  away.



As if that wasn’t enough, we woke up to 3 free FastPasses to anywhere in Magic Kingdom on our last day. I had tears in my eyes. They really went above and beyond.


I called the resort when we returned to give our thanks and appreciation again. Disney will not let a little urgent care visit ruin the magic!








BEST RIDE BY FAR (Disney Day 3 – Animal Kingdom)

We were up bright and early to head to Animal Kingdom on our 3rd day. The one and only ride Seth and I were set on doing was the new Avatar Flight of Passage attraction. Since we could not get a FastPass (and standby lines are ridiculous), we headed straight there the minute the park opened. Oh My. This new construction in the park is AH-MAZ-ING. Just standing in line is beautiful.



By the time we walked from the park entrance to the ride line, it was already at one hour. We decided we would wait. The girls were both tall enough to go on the ride, so we took advantage of the parent swap option. Those little stinkers were able to ride TWICE!


It was totally worth the wait…I would probably wait two hours if needed! The line is not boring…and the wait did not seem like one hour. We all agreed it was by far our best ride in Disney. It was beautiful.



We then went straight to the Na’vi River Journey boat ride in the same Pandora World portion of the park. This too was a beautiful ride, but nothing compared to the Avatar experience!



We then headed to The Festival of the Lion King…one of my favorites!


We were enjoying the show so much…the kids were wide eyed the whole time. All of sudden, to our surprise, they came to get Kennedy & Jules to go up on stage to dance around. I basically threw Easton into the mix…I couldn’t let just two of them go! They took him and I held my breath…I didn’t know if he would love it or cry. Well, he LOVED it. He still talks about “the lions.”


He looked so little up there, but he surely fit in with the gang. He played his instrument and just followed everyone wherever they told him to go! (He didn’t like human looking pirates, but he loved these people dressed as animals with wild costumes and face paint….interesting)




I had a Disney hormonal moment seeing all my babies up there during the Lion King. I became all teary-eyed like a big baby.


Everyone went back to their seats, but they kept Easton on the stage. They brought Timon over to give him a high-five. When Easton hit Timon’s hand, the crowd sighed, “Awwww!”



By the time the show had ended, we were just in time for our lunch reservations at Tusker House.


Daisy Duck came to our table first. The girls loved her heels and eye lashes!




The Mouse himself was up next! We had smiles all around the table.




Donald Duck came to our table next! He loved Easton’s hair and kept petting the top of his head.



Donald kept pointing to Easton and drawing a heart with his hands…as if to say, “I love you.” He did it three or four times. Easton looked up at Donald and tried to mimic the same gestures to say, “I love you.” Oh My!!! Just take my heart strings and pull them out of my chest!



Goofy was next! He kept patting everyone on the head, and he even gave Mom & Dad a fist bump!


After we ate, the music came on and Mickey handed out instruments to everyone in the room. They paraded around dancing and playing their instruments!



We finished the park by walking through Gorilla Exhibit, Dino Land USA, & Discovery Island.


This park did not take an entire day, so the kids were excited to spend time at our resort pool. This was one of my most memorable days…I loved every second of our day in Animal Kingdom!










BEST MONEY SPENT (Disney Day 2 – Epcot)

The minute we walked into Epcot, we headed straight for Soarin’. This was Seth’s first time on this ride, so I stayed back with Easton to admire the grounds.



We visited during the International Flower & Garden Festival. It was GORGEOUS. The could not stop taking picture of all the flowers and topiaries.



Right after they finished Soarin, we started heading to other attractions. The whining, complaining, & fighting over who’s turn it was to sit in the stroller had already started. I parked everyone on a bench and walked to the front of the park and bought an umbrella stroller. It was by far our best purchase in Disney. We were smooth sailing after everyone had a seat. I figured we could get by with one stroller, but I was obviously wrong!

Once everyone was happy again, we headed Under the Sea with Nemo & Friends. Easton loved “catching” fish he saw under the water. That boy was missing his fishing pole at home!

We then started visiting the countries around the world (Mom & Dad’s favorite day!) First stop, Mexico! Seth & the girls did the Gran Fiesta boat tour, while Easton and I had a snack break.




We skipped Norway on the way going since we had a FastPass later that day for Frozen. We headed straight for China!



The kids loved playing the instruments in Africa. The girls were so excited to get their faces painted (Easton said “take that off!”)






In Italy, we tried some yummy wine. In Germany, we tried some yummy beer! The kids loved getting out for photo ops along the way.


We tried to meet Belle in France, but she was on a break for two hours :(



Next we headed to Morocco where the kids were admiring the costumes and jewelry. They stopped for a while to made a craft at a Moroccan gift shop!



I was so excited for lunch that day in Japan! Since all of our kids love Hibachi at home…we tried Disney Hibachi at Teppan Edo. It was delicious!






We met Princess Aurora in Canada. Easton was smitten! He would not let go of her hand!






We walked back to Norway while all the kids napped. The girls woke up just in time to meet Elsa & Anna!





On our way out of the park, we ran into Pluto! He loved Easton’s hair, and they had fun playing hide & seek!





It became a little harder to get on and off the buses while both of us were folding strollers, but that extra stroller really did save our trip!




PIRATE FAIL (Disney Day 1 – Magic Kingdom)

On our arrival day, we left our house at 2:30am for our 5:15am flight. The kids did amazingly well. Once the plane took off, they all napped until the plane landed. We were banking on these naps, so I am so glad they went as planned!

We left our bags at our resort, picked up our double stroller rental, and headed to Magic Kingdom! We started on the left side of the park and made our way around. We had two days planned in Magic Kingdom, so we planned the left side on arrival day and the right side on our last day. Easton sat at all times in the stroller, and the girls took turns walking (they were not happy about this).

The minute we walked into the park, the kids were smitten with a family of ducks. These ducks were everywhere in Magic Kingdom!


Our very first ride was Jungle Cruise. We took the slow boat ride through the “exotic” rivers. Seth and I laughed at the corny jokes throughout the tour – the tour guides make this attraction!

We kept walking until we passed Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve been on this ride multiple times and never once thought about categorizing it as “scary.” I did not think twice about bringing the kids on the ride. What a fail! The girls said they enjoyed it; however, their attraction picture proved otherwise.

Poor Easton is scarred for life. He started out in the front with Seth, and then quickly dove over the seat into my arms. His whole body was literally shaking. He cried the entire time. For the rest of the trip he talked about those pirates. “I don’t like pirates. I don’t like dark. I don’t like pirates.” My poor buddy!


We agreed on no more dark rides for Easton!

We took a break after that catastrophe and stopped at Aloha Isle to try the famous Dole Whip!

We kept walking through Frontierland to make our way to Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad. Of course we had to stop at the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade for Seth :)






Thankfully, Easton fell asleep just in time for our FastPass to Splash Mountain. Kennedy & Jules LOVE this ride!


Next, we had a FastPass to Thunder Mountain Railroad, and we used the parent swap option. Seth rode with the girls first, then I immediately went on and rode with them…so they were able to ride most rides back to back. Fearless little beauties!


We had lunch at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café. It’s a very tasty Mexican quick service restaurant! I would recommend!


On our way out of the park, we ran into Merida! Kennedy & Jules brought their character books, and each character signed by their own picture.



After we finished the left side of Magic Kingdom, we took a boat ride to Fort Wilderness Lodge for supper at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ.

Before checking in, we walked the grounds to see some of the donkeys and horses on the property. This area is SO nice (and quiet).



We fixed plates from a buffet of BBQ fixings, and the kids had a hoe down with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Chip & Dale.








The first day was by far our longest day during the trip. We were up since 2:00am and did not stop all day. We made sure to rest up that night, so that everyone was nice and energized for Day 2!



Sometimes I think we have lost our minds completely. That’s how I felt when we booked  a Disney vacation 30 days out. We were having a conversation about vacations and decided, “lets go to Disney next month!”

We decided we would not tell the kids until the day before we left. On Easter morning as I was drinking my coffee, I checked my secret countdown. It was 10 days closer. I talk to Seth and told him I wanted to tell them that day. He agreed.

After the Easter Bunny hype died down, we dressed for the day. Before we headed out the door, I sat the kids down to tell them some bad news. I told the girls they would not be going on their field trip which was coming up. They look devastated. “Why!?” I told them that they would be going some place better. Seth then walked up with a box to reveal our Magic Bands. I had goosebumps all over when they just stared wide eyed. The top of the box read “10 days.”





Seth and I received the tightest hugs – it was the best moment. We all could not stop smiling!




This will be Easton’s first time meeting the mouse, and I think I’m more excited than the kids. It’s just a magical place, and I can’t wait to see their little faces light up.