Don’t Click It!

As I’m browsing around on Pinterest, I come across this article on ways to boost the romance in your marriage. So I click on the link and literally start hysterically laughing at some of these tips. Are the people that write these things actually married!?

“Create a ‘grateful jar’. Consider writing down things that you are grateful for with regards to your marriage and designate a special night to open the jar and read them aloud to one another.”
I am grateful I did not get electrocuted when I had to fish my straightener out of the toilet.

“Be attractive to each other.”**
You mean this cellulite, poorly groomed eyebrows, and these bunions aren’t attractive!?

“Start taking showers together a few times a week.”
Seriously!? I NEVER take a bath or shower alone…and my company is not Seth…it’s my kids crying or talking to me until I get out. If you are married with kids and take showers together a few times a week, please tell me the secret. I don’t know anyone who does this (successfully).

“Write down and share goals together. Give life to some of the goals you have for your relationship and your family by voicing them and writing them down. Then map out a plan so the two of you can start working toward them.”
Dear Seth, my goal for the night is to get Jules in and out the bathtub before she craps in the water like usual.

So in conclusion, I don’t believe in all those “ways to do this, ways to do that” articles.


We all say we wish our kids could stay little and never grow up.

Their world is currently filled laughter, imagination, and dreams. I know this will not last forever, and it makes me sick to my stomach. I hate that they have to grow up. I hate that they will be faced with hard decisions, and I just pray that they can make the right choices.

I know I complain that they don’t sleep well, they make huge messes in every room of the house, and they whine a lot. But the truth is, I love every minute of it, because it means they are still little. I want to cherish these days so badly, because soon enough they will be teenagers. They won’t want to listen to me anymore, I won’t be “cool” anymore, and we will probably grow apart for a little bit. I dread these days with every ounce of my being. Teenagers are old enough to have a point of view, and I want to be able to understand it…or at least try to hear them out without my “wisdom” overpowering their opinions.

We were all there at one time. I do not regret anything in my teenage years, and I want the same for my girls. But how do we raise them so that they have no regrets? I’m trying my hardest, but sometimes (as I have seen with family and friends) it just depends on the person they have become. You can raise 10 kids the exact same way, yet they will be 10 individual people. They will not all make the right decisions.

THEY ARE NOT LIKE ME. Although they may look and act similar to their daddy and I, my kids are their own people. They have their own personalities. They will make their OWN choices. I can make the majority of their decisions now, but soon enough, they will be in charge of their destiny. This scares me to no end.

In a couple of years, I will hear one of my girls being lovey dovey with some boy (who used to have cooties) on the phone, and I will be wishing I was listening to the soothing sound of toys being dumped on the floor instead. One of them will ask to sleep at a friend’s house, and I will be wishing she is in between us in our bed just so I know she is safe. I wish I could go to every party and every date to make sure they are being wise with their decisions.

Maybe I’m being ridiculous for driving myself crazy about this now, and I know that I should just enjoy the innocence of my girls while they are young. I want to make the right choices as a parent NOW, so hard decisions for my girls later in life will be easy to answer.

I want them to be their favorite princess forever. But what if Cinderella doesn’t come home by midnight? What if Sleeping Beauty’s first kiss is more than just a first kiss? I don’t want to turn into the evil queen and have them rebel on me, but I do want them to understand boundaries. IT’S. SO. HARD. How do you create that fine line between boundaries and freedom?

A Sappy Love Story

Seth and I have been married for 4 years. We dated 6 years before marrying, and have known each other even longer; to say we know a lot about each other is an understatement.
When we first started dating, it was BLISS. I would have notes on my windshield when I walked to my car after class, I would have long stem roses strategically placed in random places, and I would constantly get comments on the way I looked or dressed (later did I learn this was all in his plan to “hook” me).

So as time went on, I not only fell in love with this man, but I fell in love with the gestures, and the notes, and the spoiling. Of course over time, this dwindled away – the new love excitement died down into the “routine” of a relationship. I remember thinking it was ME. Why did it stop? What am I doing wrong? Of course now I realize that is a common in all relationships… we have come to EXPECT things.

Nowadays we are FAR from roses and love notes.

I had to work one Friday while Seth was off and stayed home. Before leaving, I put a batch of clothes to wash. In the middle of the day, I texted him, “Can you please put the clothes that are in the dryer into the washer?” His response was, “Did it already.”
WHAT!? He noticed they had clothes in the washer and independently put them in the dryer without anyone telling him to do so?! That was my rose.

A couple of weeks later, I decided to go walk down our street for exercise. Kennedy came ride her bike alongside of me, and Seth kept Jules in the house. When we returned 20 minutes later, Jules was bathed and in her pajamas. Without me asking him to do so, he bathed Jules. That was my love note.

Of course it is still essential to have “couple” time, and it is still important for us to spoil each other. We just don’t expect it anymore. It’s now a pleasant surprise. Our hot dates have now turned into a quick lunch break (we work near each other), but it’s still mom and dad time we don’t get often.

It took me a LONG time to realize how this worked. How to transition from the make believe into the ACTUAL FAIRYTALE.

So to conclude this sappy post, here is a montage I made for Seth for our fourth anniversary. It highlights our wedding day – one of three best days of our lives.

Life’s Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

As moms know, you can rarely do ANYTHING in your house by yourself if your kids are home. Cooking, laundry, and even bathroom time is a public affair. Same holds true for our house. The girls have a playroom filled with way too many toys, yet they are in my feet every time I turn around.

Last night, folding clothes in the laundry room was actually enjoyable. The girls came in every couple of seconds wearing something different out of the dress up box. It was their own little fashion show. I fetched my camera a little late in the game, but here are the models…

First up is Miss Kennedy wearing a black dancing skirt under a pink tutu.

Next we have Julesy Wulesy going for a summer look. A wide brim straw hat and extra cute dimples complete her look.

And to finish the show, the return of Miss Kennedy in not one, not two, but THREE skirts! A black dancing skirt underneath, layered by a pink tutu, with a finishing layer of green tulle. To complete her look, she opted for the wide brim straw hat which seems to be popular this season.

Hope you enjoyed our night of fashion! It made my laundry folding a little less boring.


I have two older brothers, so the I never could relate to the sisterly bond that folks talk about. The late night talks, the cat fights, the sharing of makeup and clothes, etc.
Now, my mom comes pretty darn close, but she is still my MOM.

However, I am living through my daughters. They are 19 months apart, and I just love watching them grow up together. They may be only 1 and 3 years old, but they genuinely LOVE each other. Please do not get me wrong – they fight just like other siblings! But they care for each other in ways that make me so proud – and at such early ages, I can just imagine the bond they will form throughout their lives.

When Kennedy leaves a room, she always calls for Jules to follow (and of course Jules does whatever Kennedy says.) If Kennedy comes in the car with a toy, she makes sure Jules has a toy also. When Jules has a snack, she will share with Kennedy (this is rare…Jules does not share food.) They just LOVE each other. It’s so incredible to watch.

I know they will go through phases. At one point in their lives they may not be so close. At other times, they will know secrets which only the two of them share. But I just want to enjoy their sisterhood while it is so innocent right now.

Not long ago, I created a short montage of some of their videos together. I love to see how much they enjoy each other

Hakuna Matata?

So why the blog title “Hakuna Matata”?

 For all you Lion King fans, you know that hakuna matata (pronounced Ha-Koo-Na  Ma-Ta-Ta) is a Swahili phrase meaning “no worries.” No worries!? Yea right We have anxiety just like the rest of the world. We have money worries, kid worries, school worries, work worries, etc. etc. etc.

 But for anyone that knows my husband and I, we are pretty laid back people. We don’t sweat the small stuff, and I think that shows through in our kids. Both of our girls are pretty carefree. Well maybe not Kennedy when she throws her 3 year old temper tantrums at the moment…..or maybe not Jules when she sees someone who doesn’t share food….but you get the idea. But overall, we are pretty relaxed people. I’m not a neat freak. I can still go to bed at night knowing there is a dish or two in the sink. My clothes can stay in the dryer for two days at a time – and no one complains. We just go with the flow.

 So, yes we worry – just as much as anyone else – it just our way of saying “go with the flow” , “it will be alright”, “IF GOD BRINGS YOU TO IT, HE WILL BRING YOU THROUGH IT.”

 So here are some pictures of OUR functional family – may not be functional to others – but looks just perfect to us. Some old, some recent, but these are my favorites – the candid shots.


 We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. (unknown)

Extreme Facebook Poster

I update my status and post way too many pictures on Facebook for people to care about. I figured I would start a blog…read it if you want, ignore if you want, but I want to try and keep this updated. In years to come, my kids can come back and read all the stories about them – and how they grew up – and how they made me laugh – and how they made me cry – and how they made me drink an extra glass of wine at night.

I’m just a mom to 2 girls and a dog. I have one witty three year old, and one spoiled rotten 1 year old. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart (aww!) for 4 years. Our life is busy. I try and soak in the little moments and remember that it will not last forever…but sometimes it’s very hard. Sometimes I feel like I need a break…or just to vent. This is where my blog comes in – my “go to” when things are funny or sad or frustrating or when I just want to talk to someone without updating my facebook status 1000 times a day.

So to end my “introduction”, here are some pictures of my family.

 I’m pretty proud of them.