Extreme Facebook Poster

I update my status and post way too many pictures on Facebook for people to care about. I figured I would start a blog…read it if you want, ignore if you want, but I want to try and keep this updated. In years to come, my kids can come back and read all the stories about them – and how they grew up – and how they made me laugh – and how they made me cry – and how they made me drink an extra glass of wine at night.

I’m just a mom to 2 girls and a dog. I have one witty three year old, and one spoiled rotten 1 year old. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart (aww!) for 4 years. Our life is busy. I try and soak in the little moments and remember that it will not last forever…but sometimes it’s very hard. Sometimes I feel like I need a break…or just to vent. This is where my blog comes in – my “go to” when things are funny or sad or frustrating or when I just want to talk to someone without updating my facebook status 1000 times a day.

So to end my “introduction”, here are some pictures of my family.

 I’m pretty proud of them.



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