Hakuna Matata?

So why the blog title “Hakuna Matata”?

 For all you Lion King fans, you know that hakuna matata (pronounced Ha-Koo-Na  Ma-Ta-Ta) is a Swahili phrase meaning “no worries.” No worries!? Yea right We have anxiety just like the rest of the world. We have money worries, kid worries, school worries, work worries, etc. etc. etc.

 But for anyone that knows my husband and I, we are pretty laid back people. We don’t sweat the small stuff, and I think that shows through in our kids. Both of our girls are pretty carefree. Well maybe not Kennedy when she throws her 3 year old temper tantrums at the moment…..or maybe not Jules when she sees someone who doesn’t share food….but you get the idea. But overall, we are pretty relaxed people. I’m not a neat freak. I can still go to bed at night knowing there is a dish or two in the sink. My clothes can stay in the dryer for two days at a time – and no one complains. We just go with the flow.

 So, yes we worry – just as much as anyone else – it just our way of saying “go with the flow” , “it will be alright”, “IF GOD BRINGS YOU TO IT, HE WILL BRING YOU THROUGH IT.”

 So here are some pictures of OUR functional family – may not be functional to others – but looks just perfect to us. Some old, some recent, but these are my favorites – the candid shots.


 We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. (unknown)

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