I have two older brothers, so the I never could relate to the sisterly bond that folks talk about. The late night talks, the cat fights, the sharing of makeup and clothes, etc.
Now, my mom comes pretty darn close, but she is still my MOM.

However, I am living through my daughters. They are 19 months apart, and I just love watching them grow up together. They may be only 1 and 3 years old, but they genuinely LOVE each other. Please do not get me wrong – they fight just like other siblings! But they care for each other in ways that make me so proud – and at such early ages, I can just imagine the bond they will form throughout their lives.

When Kennedy leaves a room, she always calls for Jules to follow (and of course Jules does whatever Kennedy says.) If Kennedy comes in the car with a toy, she makes sure Jules has a toy also. When Jules has a snack, she will share with Kennedy (this is rare…Jules does not share food.) They just LOVE each other. It’s so incredible to watch.

I know they will go through phases. At one point in their lives they may not be so close. At other times, they will know secrets which only the two of them share. But I just want to enjoy their sisterhood while it is so innocent right now.

Not long ago, I created a short montage of some of their videos together. I love to see how much they enjoy each other

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