Life’s Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

As moms know, you can rarely do ANYTHING in your house by yourself if your kids are home. Cooking, laundry, and even bathroom time is a public affair. Same holds true for our house. The girls have a playroom filled with way too many toys, yet they are in my feet every time I turn around.

Last night, folding clothes in the laundry room was actually enjoyable. The girls came in every couple of seconds wearing something different out of the dress up box. It was their own little fashion show. I fetched my camera a little late in the game, but here are the models…

First up is Miss Kennedy wearing a black dancing skirt under a pink tutu.

Next we have Julesy Wulesy going for a summer look. A wide brim straw hat and extra cute dimples complete her look.

And to finish the show, the return of Miss Kennedy in not one, not two, but THREE skirts! A black dancing skirt underneath, layered by a pink tutu, with a finishing layer of green tulle. To complete her look, she opted for the wide brim straw hat which seems to be popular this season.

Hope you enjoyed our night of fashion! It made my laundry folding a little less boring.

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