A Sappy Love Story

Seth and I have been married for 4 years. We dated 6 years before marrying, and have known each other even longer; to say we know a lot about each other is an understatement.
When we first started dating, it was BLISS. I would have notes on my windshield when I walked to my car after class, I would have long stem roses strategically placed in random places, and I would constantly get comments on the way I looked or dressed (later did I learn this was all in his plan to “hook” me).

So as time went on, I not only fell in love with this man, but I fell in love with the gestures, and the notes, and the spoiling. Of course over time, this dwindled away – the new love excitement died down into the “routine” of a relationship. I remember thinking it was ME. Why did it stop? What am I doing wrong? Of course now I realize that is a common in all relationships… we have come to EXPECT things.

Nowadays we are FAR from roses and love notes.

I had to work one Friday while Seth was off and stayed home. Before leaving, I put a batch of clothes to wash. In the middle of the day, I texted him, “Can you please put the clothes that are in the dryer into the washer?” His response was, “Did it already.”
WHAT!? He noticed they had clothes in the washer and independently put them in the dryer without anyone telling him to do so?! That was my rose.

A couple of weeks later, I decided to go walk down our street for exercise. Kennedy came ride her bike alongside of me, and Seth kept Jules in the house. When we returned 20 minutes later, Jules was bathed and in her pajamas. Without me asking him to do so, he bathed Jules. That was my love note.

Of course it is still essential to have “couple” time, and it is still important for us to spoil each other. We just don’t expect it anymore. It’s now a pleasant surprise. Our hot dates have now turned into a quick lunch break (we work near each other), but it’s still mom and dad time we don’t get often.

It took me a LONG time to realize how this worked. How to transition from the make believe into the ACTUAL FAIRYTALE.

So to conclude this sappy post, here is a montage I made for Seth for our fourth anniversary. It highlights our wedding day – one of three best days of our lives.

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