Don’t Click It!

As I’m browsing around on Pinterest, I come across this article on ways to boost the romance in your marriage. So I click on the link and literally start hysterically laughing at some of these tips. Are the people that write these things actually married!?

“Create a ‘grateful jar’. Consider writing down things that you are grateful for with regards to your marriage and designate a special night to open the jar and read them aloud to one another.”
I am grateful I did not get electrocuted when I had to fish my straightener out of the toilet.

“Be attractive to each other.”**
You mean this cellulite, poorly groomed eyebrows, and these bunions aren’t attractive!?

“Start taking showers together a few times a week.”
Seriously!? I NEVER take a bath or shower alone…and my company is not Seth…it’s my kids crying or talking to me until I get out. If you are married with kids and take showers together a few times a week, please tell me the secret. I don’t know anyone who does this (successfully).

“Write down and share goals together. Give life to some of the goals you have for your relationship and your family by voicing them and writing them down. Then map out a plan so the two of you can start working toward them.”
Dear Seth, my goal for the night is to get Jules in and out the bathtub before she craps in the water like usual.

So in conclusion, I don’t believe in all those “ways to do this, ways to do that” articles.

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