Christmas Morning 2013

I thought Santa would never be able to pass since Ms. Kennedy would NOT go to sleep! When she finally dozed off at 10:30pm, Santa got to work.

The “klip klop stable” was a big hit. Kennedy also enjoyed her Doc McStuffins dress up set. Jules just wanted to open and hold everything. Santa brought Jules a “big hugs Elmo”…she played with it for about 10 minutes, then wasn’t interested. I wouldn’t recommend the Elmo toy…not worth the money.

Of course the grand finale was waiting outside for them. A “new” playhouse! A “playhouse re-do” blog coming soon :)

Herbie…final days

On this morning, we found Herbie in our mail slot in the mudroom! I wish he would pay some of those bills…

Kennedy found him the next day hiding in a basket in Jules’ room!

The next morning, we found Herbie dangling from the attic string in the hallway!!!

Herbie got into some trouble the next day with our giant nutcracker…he ended up in the nutcracker’s mouth! The girls were so worried about him…

The next morning, we couldn’t find Herbie anywhere. We looked in every room of the house. Disappointed, the girls got into the car to head to school. To our surprise, Herbie was hanging from my rear-view mirror! He rode all the way to work with me (I got some funny looks!) Kennedy thought it was hilarious that he even came into the car wash with us! She said, “It’s ok, Herbie. It’s not scary.”

Herbie made us a Christmas countdown the next day with some toilet paper and a permanent marker!

He must have gotten into the playroom the next night, because we found him having his own carriage ride!

Christmas Eve – Herbie’s last day at the Folse house this year. He left the girls a goodbye letter, but not before he drew on our family picture! He made us all look like reindeer – antlers and red noses! Until next year, Herbie! We will miss you!

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

For our Christmas cards, I usually dress the girls up in their Christmas dresses and make them all pretty with a beautiful setting. This year we opted for pajamas while sitting on Mom and Dad’s bed :)

I got them each a new Minnie Mouse Christmas gown (Wal-Mart – $8), and purchased a box of Christmas mini lights from the Dollar Store. I tangled them up and just snapped away!


Of course, a pajama photo shoot is no fun unless you jump on the bed!

Quickest, cheapest, and most giggly Christmas Card photo shoot yet! Harley Marley is not allowed on furniture, so I used a Christmas picture from a previous year.

The Christmas card is from this shop on Etsy.

Merry Christmas to all my virtual friends!


Herbie has been very mischievous lately. This particular day we found him in the refrigerator! He took our marker and made a silly face on the milk! The girls thought this was hilarious.

For some reason, Kennedy always went “#1” on the potty, but had trouble going “#2″…she would always have accidents. Lately, something just clicked and she has been doing awesome! Herbie must have been watching because he left the girls candy in their stocking along with a note.

The next morning we found that little stinker hanging upside down from the blinds!

Herbie got into the girls’ stickers the next day, but he left some for them to play with. Herbie was running out of “high” places to hide…he cannot land too low this year because of Julesy Wulsey.

Kennedy found him the next day on the shelf in her room. He was sitting with his arms around Belle – I think he found his crush!

He must have been in the mood for hide-and-seek the next morning, because we could not find him anywhere! We finally found him in the playroom trying to disguise himself as one of the stuffed animals.

When we got up Sunday for church, we noticed Herbie trying to cook! I wish he would have whipped us up some eggs or pancakes…

The next morning he stole the magna-doodle out of the playroom and left Jules & Kennedy a little message :)

While we were walking out the door on this particular day, we noticed Herbie hanging from the cabinet in the mudroom!

The next morning, when Kennedy went in her bathroom to brush her teeth, she noticed Herbie wanted to brush his too! She asked me, “Mom, how can Herbie brush his teeth when he never smiles with his mouth open?” Uummmmm……

The Selfie Queen

Everyday I find evidence of the phone thief on my camera roll. Kennedy “plays” on my phone randomly, and I find her selfies everyday.

Sometimes she does different faces…her mean face, her serious face her wink face…

Sometimes I get to see what she is eating at that moment…

The girl loves to pose and see herself…whether it be on the camera phone or in a mirror.

Recently, she has even made a selfie video. She had on black stilettos and was walking around my room (9pm by the way) and saying, “Hi, my dear!” What a trip.

Our Trip to See the Big Guy

It’s that time of year to get the annual picture with Santa. We went to the Mall of Louisiana ; however, I was disappointed this year. They usually have an elaborate setup with faux snow falling every 30 minutes, a letter to Santa department, etc. NONE of that this year :( Even worse, they pushed Santa down one of the large aisles…he wasn’t even in the center of the mall! Anyways, we got what we went for…the girls enjoyed riding in their “own” cars to find Santa.

We found him! Love this shot of them being in awe of him…

The minute I put Jules on Santa’s lap, she slid down his leg and boot like a slide. Jules may look small, but she is HEAVY. Poor Santa. Kennedy loved him, but would not talk to him, so he told her it was ok to write a letter and send it to the North Pole instead. Jules was undecided whether she like him or not. She didn’t shed any tears, but she didn’t share any smiles either! Overall, I love their sweet little picture. They did great.

Of course if you go to the Mall of Louisiana, you MUST ride the humongous carousel in the food court.

I don’t know who loves it more, Nana or the girls! Carousels are Nana’s favorite – she got to ride THREE times with Kennedy & Jules. (Don’t ask me what kind of pose Kennedy is doing here…the girl poses everywhere)

After our quick trip to see Santa, they were pooped! Until next year!

Herbie – WEEK ONE

If you have small kids, you have probably heard of the “Elf of the Shelf.” Our family is no different. Our elf, Herbie, arrived the day after Thanksgiving and brought us his biography to read :)

The next morning we found him doing acrobatic tricks on the light!

He continued his shenanigans the next morning when we found him in the bathroom. He toilet papered the entire room! When Kennedy saw this she said, “That little stinker!”

The girls were all giggles the next day when we found Herbie taking a relaxing bubble bath in the girls’ sink! He even took their bath letters and spelled his name on top of his bubbles.

I guess Herbie was in a playful mood, because the next morning we found that he had built a toy train with the girls’ blocks.

Herbie was hiding from us the next day…in my glass cabinet!

Poor Herbie wasn’t feeling well the next morning. When Kennedy saw him she said, “Must be an ear infection.” (I just love her)

The next morning Herbie got into our Christmas tree!

Bayou Country Children’s Museum

Kennedy had an appointment to make, so I decided to take her to the newly opened Bayou Country Children’s Museum in Thibodaux. It was awesome Kennedy & Mommy time. The museum is not huge, but it is absolutely precious! The entire building is Cajun themed, and Kennedy was in awe. It’s such a fun way for kids to learn about the culture, music, etc. of Louisiana. First stop was an X-ray puzzle followed by the “real tractor” (sugarcane harvester) that she climbed on and drove.

Off to the kitchen! Kenn cooked me some gumbo, and even washed the dishes when I finished!

What’s Louisiana without Mardi Gras? She rode the alligator float and threw me some beads. Then she played me a song on the “Bayou Boogie” piano!

One of her favorite places in the museum was the theatre (shocker!) She chose to dress up like a doctor that particular day since she was going to the ENT afterwards.

More and more fun! It was never-ending! I could hardly keep up!

The winner was Rouses Supermarket where Kennedy shopped til she dropped.

She kept saying “Oh. My. Gosh! Look at this!” It was absolutely precious.

For some reason she bought multiple mini pumpkins, but my thoughtful girl made sure not to forget coffee for her momma :)

Definitely going back to the BCCM!

Gobble til you Wobble

Thanksgiving was a bit chilly this year…for Louisiana, anyways. In my pictures last year the girls were in short sleeves, and this year they were bundled up!

Obviously I would have opted for a large bow in Kennedy’s hair, but this particular morning, she “needed” the blue headband to match her pants. You learn to pick your battles. For some reason, this hair-do (don’t!) just fits her :)

Our first family visit was to my uncles’ house. They always have the most variety of food – 15 different dishes to choose from (not counting appetizers and desserts!) Kennedy loved the little turkeys that Andrea made!

Even though it was freezing outside, they bundled up and went play with their cousins. Kennedy played hide-and-seek while Jules just wanted to swing. How can you say “no” to those dimples!?

We then headed to Maw & Pappy’s house where Maw had pre-made coloring books for the kids to occupy their time.

This is one silly bunch if I have ever seen one! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!