Bayou Country Children’s Museum

Kennedy had an appointment to make, so I decided to take her to the newly opened Bayou Country Children’s Museum in Thibodaux. It was awesome Kennedy & Mommy time. The museum is not huge, but it is absolutely precious! The entire building is Cajun themed, and Kennedy was in awe. It’s such a fun way for kids to learn about the culture, music, etc. of Louisiana. First stop was an X-ray puzzle followed by the “real tractor” (sugarcane harvester) that she climbed on and drove.

Off to the kitchen! Kenn cooked me some gumbo, and even washed the dishes when I finished!

What’s Louisiana without Mardi Gras? She rode the alligator float and threw me some beads. Then she played me a song on the “Bayou Boogie” piano!

One of her favorite places in the museum was the theatre (shocker!) She chose to dress up like a doctor that particular day since she was going to the ENT afterwards.

More and more fun! It was never-ending! I could hardly keep up!

The winner was Rouses Supermarket where Kennedy shopped til she dropped.

She kept saying “Oh. My. Gosh! Look at this!” It was absolutely precious.

For some reason she bought multiple mini pumpkins, but my thoughtful girl made sure not to forget coffee for her momma :)

Definitely going back to the BCCM!

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