Herbie – WEEK ONE

If you have small kids, you have probably heard of the “Elf of the Shelf.” Our family is no different. Our elf, Herbie, arrived the day after Thanksgiving and brought us his biography to read :)

The next morning we found him doing acrobatic tricks on the light!

He continued his shenanigans the next morning when we found him in the bathroom. He toilet papered the entire room! When Kennedy saw this she said, “That little stinker!”

The girls were all giggles the next day when we found Herbie taking a relaxing bubble bath in the girls’ sink! He even took their bath letters and spelled his name on top of his bubbles.

I guess Herbie was in a playful mood, because the next morning we found that he had built a toy train with the girls’ blocks.

Herbie was hiding from us the next day…in my glass cabinet!

Poor Herbie wasn’t feeling well the next morning. When Kennedy saw him she said, “Must be an ear infection.” (I just love her)

The next morning Herbie got into our Christmas tree!

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