Our Trip to See the Big Guy

It’s that time of year to get the annual picture with Santa. We went to the Mall of Louisiana ; however, I was disappointed this year. They usually have an elaborate setup with faux snow falling every 30 minutes, a letter to Santa department, etc. NONE of that this year :( Even worse, they pushed Santa down one of the large aisles…he wasn’t even in the center of the mall! Anyways, we got what we went for…the girls enjoyed riding in their “own” cars to find Santa.

We found him! Love this shot of them being in awe of him…

The minute I put Jules on Santa’s lap, she slid down his leg and boot like a slide. Jules may look small, but she is HEAVY. Poor Santa. Kennedy loved him, but would not talk to him, so he told her it was ok to write a letter and send it to the North Pole instead. Jules was undecided whether she like him or not. She didn’t shed any tears, but she didn’t share any smiles either! Overall, I love their sweet little picture. They did great.

Of course if you go to the Mall of Louisiana, you MUST ride the humongous carousel in the food court.

I don’t know who loves it more, Nana or the girls! Carousels are Nana’s favorite – she got to ride THREE times with Kennedy & Jules. (Don’t ask me what kind of pose Kennedy is doing here…the girl poses everywhere)

After our quick trip to see Santa, they were pooped! Until next year!

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