Herbie has been very mischievous lately. This particular day we found him in the refrigerator! He took our marker and made a silly face on the milk! The girls thought this was hilarious.

For some reason, Kennedy always went “#1” on the potty, but had trouble going “#2″…she would always have accidents. Lately, something just clicked and she has been doing awesome! Herbie must have been watching because he left the girls candy in their stocking along with a note.

The next morning we found that little stinker hanging upside down from the blinds!

Herbie got into the girls’ stickers the next day, but he left some for them to play with. Herbie was running out of “high” places to hide…he cannot land too low this year because of Julesy Wulsey.

Kennedy found him the next day on the shelf in her room. He was sitting with his arms around Belle – I think he found his crush!

He must have been in the mood for hide-and-seek the next morning, because we could not find him anywhere! We finally found him in the playroom trying to disguise himself as one of the stuffed animals.

When we got up Sunday for church, we noticed Herbie trying to cook! I wish he would have whipped us up some eggs or pancakes…

The next morning he stole the magna-doodle out of the playroom and left Jules & Kennedy a little message :)

While we were walking out the door on this particular day, we noticed Herbie hanging from the cabinet in the mudroom!

The next morning, when Kennedy went in her bathroom to brush her teeth, she noticed Herbie wanted to brush his too! She asked me, “Mom, how can Herbie brush his teeth when he never smiles with his mouth open?” Uummmmm……

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