Herbie…final days

On this morning, we found Herbie in our mail slot in the mudroom! I wish he would pay some of those bills…

Kennedy found him the next day hiding in a basket in Jules’ room!

The next morning, we found Herbie dangling from the attic string in the hallway!!!

Herbie got into some trouble the next day with our giant nutcracker…he ended up in the nutcracker’s mouth! The girls were so worried about him…

The next morning, we couldn’t find Herbie anywhere. We looked in every room of the house. Disappointed, the girls got into the car to head to school. To our surprise, Herbie was hanging from my rear-view mirror! He rode all the way to work with me (I got some funny looks!) Kennedy thought it was hilarious that he even came into the car wash with us! She said, “It’s ok, Herbie. It’s not scary.”

Herbie made us a Christmas countdown the next day with some toilet paper and a permanent marker!

He must have gotten into the playroom the next night, because we found him having his own carriage ride!

Christmas Eve – Herbie’s last day at the Folse house this year. He left the girls a goodbye letter, but not before he drew on our family picture! He made us all look like reindeer – antlers and red noses! Until next year, Herbie! We will miss you!

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