Hubby’s (early) 30th and Graduation Party

Recently, my husband earned his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Management. He has been diligently working every night for the past two years – not an easy thing to do with a full-time job and two young ones. Since he finished school in December and had an approaching 30th birthday at the end of January, I wanted to throw him a little party with our family and friends to show him how proud we are of his accomplishments.

Of course I had to make some home-made corny decor to decorate the cake table :)

I also made him a beer “cake” which I topped with a graduation hat made of cardstock and a diploma.

Although I had some plans for outside decor, the wind got the best of them :( I tried for an hour to make it look like the images in my head, but then I gave up!

It was super chilly, so the fire in our yard was a big hit. My girls had rosy cheeks all night!

The girls were so excited to sing Happy Birthday to him and help him blow out his candles. (Thanks to my super talented friend, Toni, for the delicious cake)

Seth recently finished his “man cave” in our outside building/kitchen. Living in Louisiana and loving football, you can imagine the theme – SAINTS! For his birthday and graduation gift I wanted to get him something unique. I had a friend of mine come paint a huge Saints mural on one of the walls in his man cave. I wanted to keep it a secret, but had to tell him for obvious reasons. It came out awesome, and he loves it. We are so proud of him!

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