So we were in church this past Sunday, and my husband looks at me and says, “Do you know you have a hole in your sweater?” I replied yes. He was so disturbed that I knew I had a hole in my sweater, yet I wore it in public anyway. He asked why.

I have no idea. I think it’s a lot more fun to shop for little girl clothes than adult clothes. When I do shop for adult clothes, I get too stressed because everything is super expensive.

He told me I need to buy new clothes. I guess I could update myself a little. So I went on Pinterest to find cute outfits – obviously I need to know whats in style to “update” myself.

The prices were giving me anxiety. So I decided that I could find the exact looks for a lot less…and I did :)

I started pinning some outfits, and I started finding close to the exact things for a lot cheaper. Let me know if ya’ll like this and I can continue to share my findings :)

Coral maxi skirt with jean jacket and accessories:

Cheaper version:

White tank
Maxi skirt
Jean Jacket
Infinity Scarf
Aviator Sunglasses
Leopard Flats

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