Car Rides


I woke up late this morning, and immediately started rushing. I threw on makeup, brushed my hair, got myself dressed, then headed to wake up the girls. I rushed to put their clothes on, gave them milk in sippy cups, and buckled them in their seats….and we were out the door for 6:15am (it’s usually 6:00am, but like I said, I was running late.)

As we head to their daycare, I hear them chatting in the backseat as they slowing begin to actually wake up. I get behind a bus (the one I usually miss if I’m on time) and mention some “S” and “F” words in my head. Then naturally I get behind the slowest cars ever…and of course they seem to be going extra slow today. I mention some more words in my head that I can’t say out loud. The girls just continue to ramble on about things…most of which I tune out since I’m so obsessed with the traffic at this point.

Then thoughts start coming in my head about what I have to do at work today. When I get home, I can’t forget about dancing picture proofs, we need milk, and I can’t forget to bring the girls to my mom’s tomorrow (since their schedule changed this week.)

Then I hear Kennedy’s voice, “Mom, why you not talking to us?”

I felt so little. She broke my heart. I wanted to pull over and hug them both.

I was so occupied with my busy morning, I didn’t take the time in the car to actually listen to my kids talking. Sure, I heard the noise, but I wasn’t listening. It’s moments like this that I take for granted…and I know I’m not alone. I felt terrible and immediately started asking questions and engaging them in conversation with me. I only have this precious time in the morning to talk with them, and then I have to leave them until late afternoon. I have the entire ride to work to be silent, so the ride to daycare should be full of conversation.

So on the way home today, I plan on blaring the music and being silly – to make up for my inattentiveness this morning. We all should! I will use it as a reminder to let everything go for a couple minutes…and focus on my kids thoughts at that exact moment. Whatever they want to talk about …. Whatever they want to sing….

It doesn’t matter if I forget some other things…those can all be taken care of later…I refuse to let my kids think they are being ignored. So join me in an epic ride home today – they will thank you. :)

You found a what in your what!?

Anyone that has small kids knows that nothing should surprise them anymore. I work with other women who have small kids, and I just realize how “normal” my life really is (even though sometimes I feel like I live on another planet.)

Like the time I opened the dryer to put clothes in, and I found a collection of dog food that Jules stashed away. Or the time I was leaving work and went to get my keys in my purse and pulled out a piece of broccoli. I just don’t even ask “why” anymore…

My coworker was wearing an infinity scarf the other day, and she kept feeling something bulky in the back. Around lunchtime, she finally took her scarf out to find the baby’s socks in her scarf. How do we not notice these things? We are in such a rush 24/7 that the kids find ways to humor us, I guess.

What are some of the craziest things you’ve found “hidden”?

St. Patty’s Day photo shoot

For our St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot I dressed Harley in one of Kennedy’s green t-shirts. Kennedy wore an old dress in her closet, and Jules wore Kennedy’s t-shirt from last year. I found St. Patrick’s Day headbands in the dollar section at Target, and they were super cute.

Many people ask me what app or program I use to create these photos… It’s free and easy to use. I love it!

Many times when the kids (or dog) are not cooperating, I just keep snapping away – I love the blooper pictures just as much as the winning picture. I usually have about 10-15 pictures to choose. That’s where these beauties came from:

Harley had his mouth open in the winning shot, so I decided he needed a pipe. It fit :) Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

These Boots are Made for Walkin’ (Part 1)

I found the most precious little coordinating outfits at Target recently. I thought they would be adorable with some little cowgirl boots. Since I need to update my pictures of the girls, I decided this would be a perfect photo opportunity. Since I could not find boots for them on short notice, we borrowed both pairs from their cousins. It. was. so. stinkin. cute.

We went to an old plantation store that had the perfect settings….hay bales, tractors, old trucks, etc. The rain ran us off early, but I hope to get back there soon. But for now, heres part 1!

DSC_0608 - Copy