Easter Morning 2014

I tend to go overboard on a lot of things for my girls, so this Easter I tried to fill their baskets with really inexpensive items (or items that were actually useful…like books). Their baskets were filled from the dollar section at Target, then they each received a new bathing suit. They also got an Olaf plush and a Frozen book to share.

This is Jules’ morning hair I have to deal with everyday…

Kennedy was super excited about some new detangler spray for her hair :)

She was also excited about her new socks! Harley was looking for candy…but no luck (I have three buckets full from family)

These light up wands from Target were a hit!

Also, some new aviator sunglasses – just like mom!

Easter Bunny FAIL…these light up fans from Target were so fun until Kennedy’s hair got stuck :( We had to cut it out!

The “big” surprise ended up being an Elsa Tea Party that I managed to get tickets to a couple of weeks ago. The tea party was supposed to be the Saturday before Easter; however, it sold out within minutes. I settled for the Monday afternoon party…it worked in my favor…because thats what the Easter Bunny brought :) I typed up a letter from The Easter Bunny with the tickets attached. Jules really wasn’t listening when I read the letter, but Kennedy was ecstatic.

Happy Easter everyone!
I have Elsa Tea Party pictures coming, but I think I will have to do 3 separate blog posts about it…so many pictures!

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