Elsa Tea Party – Part 1

As mentioned in my Easter Morning post, the girls received tickets to Queen Elsa’s Easter Tea Party. A local company, La Tea Da, provides a venue were girls can have tea parties with princesses. This year, they created an Easter special with Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, & all the Disney princesses.

I was expecting it to be nice, but I was not expecting the amazing things to come…

First, the girls needed to get dressed in princess attire…
We went straight to the dress up box and picked out dresses they already owned. Kennedy became Cinderella (thanks Addison), and Jules became Sophia the First (thanks Paige).

The place was decorated beautifully as usual. La Tea Da does a fabulous job of making little girls feel like they are in a true fairytale.

Before walking into the venue, Minnie Mouse came outside to greet all the girls waiting. Jules immediately ran up to Minnie Mouse and held her arms up! Minnie Mouse picked up Jules for a big hug. This was Jules’ favorite part of the entire day – she kept asking for Minnie Mouse until we went to bed that night. I told Seth she wasn’t too young for Disney!

After we checked in, we took pictures on La Tea Da’s infamous Cinderella’s Carriage.

All the princesses were so nice and stayed true to their characters.

The next two rooms were full of princesses – every Disney princess you could think of was there! They were handing out Easter baskets and helping the girls decorate them with stickers.

Jules was probably the youngest one there, but she surely knew what was going on. Thanks to her big sis, she knows all those princesses by name. Their little faces were pricesless…wish I could bottle up moments like this!

Of course this was only the beginning! The real magic was about to happen, as we had to walk two doors down to “Arendelle.”

Arendelle was set up beautifully. There was a huge glittering ice castle, fabric hanging from the ceiling, & icicle chandeliers. It was gorgeous. Round tables were set up for each little girl to sit.

The only drawback to this entire experience was that parents had to watch from the side. There was a roped off area for parents to stand and take pictures. I was worried since Jules has major anxiety in new places (when I’m not with her).

For once, Jules’ anxiety worked in my favor. She was crying for momma (remember she was the youngest there), so they let me sit at the table with her! SCORE! So I was able to get good pictures up close, and my mom had the zoom lens in the parent section – we were all set for Elsa!

At their round tables were plastic cups and REAL porcelain plates. Those had to be picked up quickly from my two. We don’t “do” breakable really well.

The creator of this event really thought of everything. They brought out a special princess booster seat for little ones who couldn’t see over the table.

The girls were so excited – it was adorable.

All was set for the stars of the show to come out! (see part 2)

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