Lately on the Hot Mess Express…

The girls have been busy lately with summer activities. They love to play in the sprinkler, and have been busy swimming at the pool. We spend the majority of our time there in the summer since it’s so close to our house.

Kennedy is getting ready to start swimming lessons, and we just registered Jules for her first year of dance!

Jules is such a parrot lately. She repeats EVERYTHING big sister says. She is starting to make full sentences and keep a conversation with someone. Her newest trick is to “hiccup” on command…she thinks it’s hilarious.

Kennedy’s little brain is like a sponge. She remembers everything! She went visit/tour her “big school” which she will be starting in August. PreK-3 already!

Here’s some video clips that were on my phone the past couple weeks. Disclaimer: Seth was driving while I was recording in the car video.

Best/Worst Dog Ever

Before we were even engaged, Seth and I talked about getting a dog. I would look online and in newspapers to find the perfect cocker spaniel. I finally found a local (40 minutes away) family who was selling pure bred cocker spaniels. I called and they told me they had one left. The seller told me she would send a picture; Seth was over my shoulder when I checked my email. I opened the attachment and there was the little puppy that no one wanted…the only one left in the litter. He barely had hair, his ears were so droopy, and his eyes looked so sad. I looked up at Seth and he said, “Go get him.”

Harley Marley was so stinking cute. He would just sleep and cuddle at first. At the time I lived two hours away (when I was in college), so he would ride back and forth with me when I traveled home. I brought him everywhere.

Then he started getting into the active puppy stage. He jumped on everyone, peed when he got excited, and chewed everything. Literally anything left on the ground, he would chew…even our apartment carpet. Flip flops, paper, chair legs…he would even eat the toilet paper off of the roll, so I had to pick that up as well.

He went from bad to worse…he was terrible. People would tell me to give him away. He was not even one year old, so I convinced myself that he would calm down with age.

Years later we welcomed our first daughter Kennedy. I was beyond nervous that Harley would act out on the baby…and then we would REALLY have to give him away. To our surprise, he was completely opposite.

One of my favorite pictures is when Harley met Kennedy for the first time.

The dog who once was my daily facebook posts and pictures, was now slowly sliding down the totem pole. He wasn’t our main concern anymore. He didn’t care though…he adjusted to Kennedy so well (except when he would constantly eat pacifiers).

He would let her ride him and pull his hair. He did everything she wanted him to do. I loved when he would be the guest at her tea parties.

Then we brought home Jules, and Harley fell lower on that totem pole. He would rarely get a ride in the car anymore…two kids was enough to load up. But still he did not care. Every time we would walk in, he would greet us like it was the first time seeing us in years. It was like he just “knew.”

I fell in love with the fact that we had a dog to grow up with our kids. It is the sweetest thing to watch. They have the cutest moments, and he cares for them like they are his puppies. They became best friends.

Since Jules was little, Harley developed a love to nap with her. It’s the most adorable gesture ever. He finds where she is sleeping and then goes lay with her…I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because they have the exact same hair, or maybe he likes Jules’ big belly.

Harley is now 6 years old and he is still bad. He has chewed up blinds in our new house, scratched doors, and scratched crown molding. He eats our garbage and the neighbors garbage. He gets to food before you do, knocks down his gate, etc. etc. etc.

People STILL tell me to give him away. It is not an option…never was. He is who he is and he is perfect for our family. There is a reason he was the only dog left in the litter… not because noone wanted him, but because God was saving him for us :) He wouldn’t last very long in other people’s family, but he is PERFECT for ours.

Just Like We Used To

This year for Mother’s Day we went to my brother’s house for boiled crawfish. Since it poured the night before, everything was soaked. The huge ditch next to my brother’s house was flooded, so that became the entertainment for the kids. I remember when the ditch at my parent’s house would flood…all the neighbors would come over and we would play until dark.

Nowadays if you watch the news or read the articles, you will learn of the harmful bacteria, the chemicals, etc. in mud, in hose water, in ditches. To me, the mud is the same mud I used to play in…and the hose water is the same I used to drink from. Society has us wrapping our kids in bubble wrap and not letting them do the childhood activites we used to enjoy.

These are the most fun times…and the cost is free. Yes, my kids played in a muddy ditch and drank out the hose (GASP!)… and they are still alive. Let them be kids!

…and what happens when you are full of mud and grit and grime? Your momma hoses you off of course!

Since it rained so much, their trampoline was soaked. So everytime the kids jumped, water would splash up at them. They loved it. I think my girls jumped until their legs were numb.

I knew the girls would be getting dirty, so I found some old hand me down swimsuits for them to wear. Kennedy’s was a little big for her, so everytime she jumped, her bathing suit would fall off a little…she looked like the Coppertone Baby!

The looks on their faces were pure enjoyment. They had the best time.

Then it started to rain…pour actually. So we let them play in the rain (GASP!). Since there was no lightning or thunder at first, the kids just ran around jumping and splashing in the rain. Again, it reminded me of when I was little and my parents would let us play in the rain. I wanted to run in there with them!

The girls liked to catch the rain in their mouths.

So the day was not full of sunshine and flowers, but instead turned into a wet mess that the kids will remember…just like their mom still does ;)
No phone, ipad, or even a PowerWheels to keep them occupied…just the good ‘ole fun of nature. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Scribbles Mean A Lot

If your child goes to daycare/preschool/school, you know how many papers they come home with. Whether it be artwork, coloring pages, or notes from teachers, we always have a pile of school papers. I know I’m not the only one that throws the majority of these away. Of course I keep the memorable ones…like the handprints or Christmas ornaments, but coloring pages start to look the same after a while. They usually go into the trash the same day.

Yesterday, I picked the kids up from daycare, and Kennedy hands me her papers as usual. I glanced through them. Two coloring pages and two pages with daily notes from teachers. The usual. I threw the pages on the passenger seat like normal and started driving.

From the backseat I hear, “Mom, did you see that picture I colored for you?” I told her I did see it and that it was beautiful. That was the end of the conversation.

So this morning when we get in the car, she asks again, “Mom, where is that picture I colored for you?” I told her it was in the passenger seat where we left it yesterday. She said, “Are you going to bring it to work to put up by your desk?” I told her yes…knowing I would probably throw it away when I got to work (because I have her handprints and Jules’ footprint up instead).

Then she said, “I drew that picture for you for Mother’s Day. If you turn it over, you can see your hand….and I painted your nails for you.”

I turned the paper over and she had traced her own hand and “painted” the fingernails…just as she said. My heart melted. Here I was thinking this was just another coloring sheet like all the rest. But it’s so much more. My three year old poured her whole heart into this picture…sha baby!

I guess it’s not about how extravagent the project is, or how colorful, or how many different odd and ends you used to make it….it’s about the thought that was given to make it. This one is a keeper. I’m so glad I didn’t throw it away.

Dance Recital 2014 – MYTH-Defied

This was Kennedy’s 2nd recital…but her first year of actual dance. In her first recital she was in the creative movement class, but this year she got to put on her ballets AND her taps!

The show was seperated into four scenes that gave a modern spin to stories from Greek mythology. Each story featured a different genre of music from the 70s/80s.
1. The war of the gods as a battle of the bands between the Titans and the Olympians.
2. A girls night out ruined by Pan (70s disco).
3. An episode of “Real Housewives of Athens, Greece” in which bratty Pandora gets a special wedding gift (70s/80s synthesized)
4. The misadventures of King Midas, an Elvis-like aging rock legend who longs for just one more gold record. (70s Elvis)

The dance recital was a little different for us this year. I have been helping with classes throughout the year, so I was backstage and not in the audience. Since Kennedy’s class was #5 in the program, she stayed with me backstage until her class came to line up. She was so good and stayed quiet. I think she liked seeing the show from the sidelines for a little while. She also liked to color on my papers ;)

She also loved playing with the props before the curtains opened :)

Her first number was her tap dance performed to “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb. All the girls did great, and they were so cute! Thanks to Nana for capturing some pictures from the audience!

My favorite part: the girls got with their partner to “bump booties” as the song stated.

Another thanks to my mom (Nana) for running around with the class to get Kennedy dressed for her next number.
Her last dance was ballet performed to “Things Can Only Get Better” by Howard Jones. This costume was so colorful and made such a good show on stage. The girls looked awesome.

We are so proud of our girl are her first “real” year of dance. Congratulations sweet Kennedy!

I won’t bore you with all the videos, but here is my favorite: Kennedy’s tap dance to “Shake Your Groove Thing”. Thanks to my sister in law (Nanny) for videoing!