Dance Recital 2014 – MYTH-Defied

This was Kennedy’s 2nd recital…but her first year of actual dance. In her first recital she was in the creative movement class, but this year she got to put on her ballets AND her taps!

The show was seperated into four scenes that gave a modern spin to stories from Greek mythology. Each story featured a different genre of music from the 70s/80s.
1. The war of the gods as a battle of the bands between the Titans and the Olympians.
2. A girls night out ruined by Pan (70s disco).
3. An episode of “Real Housewives of Athens, Greece” in which bratty Pandora gets a special wedding gift (70s/80s synthesized)
4. The misadventures of King Midas, an Elvis-like aging rock legend who longs for just one more gold record. (70s Elvis)

The dance recital was a little different for us this year. I have been helping with classes throughout the year, so I was backstage and not in the audience. Since Kennedy’s class was #5 in the program, she stayed with me backstage until her class came to line up. She was so good and stayed quiet. I think she liked seeing the show from the sidelines for a little while. She also liked to color on my papers ;)

She also loved playing with the props before the curtains opened :)

Her first number was her tap dance performed to “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb. All the girls did great, and they were so cute! Thanks to Nana for capturing some pictures from the audience!

My favorite part: the girls got with their partner to “bump booties” as the song stated.

Another thanks to my mom (Nana) for running around with the class to get Kennedy dressed for her next number.
Her last dance was ballet performed to “Things Can Only Get Better” by Howard Jones. This costume was so colorful and made such a good show on stage. The girls looked awesome.

We are so proud of our girl are her first “real” year of dance. Congratulations sweet Kennedy!

I won’t bore you with all the videos, but here is my favorite: Kennedy’s tap dance to “Shake Your Groove Thing”. Thanks to my sister in law (Nanny) for videoing!

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