Scribbles Mean A Lot

If your child goes to daycare/preschool/school, you know how many papers they come home with. Whether it be artwork, coloring pages, or notes from teachers, we always have a pile of school papers. I know I’m not the only one that throws the majority of these away. Of course I keep the memorable ones…like the handprints or Christmas ornaments, but coloring pages start to look the same after a while. They usually go into the trash the same day.

Yesterday, I picked the kids up from daycare, and Kennedy hands me her papers as usual. I glanced through them. Two coloring pages and two pages with daily notes from teachers. The usual. I threw the pages on the passenger seat like normal and started driving.

From the backseat I hear, “Mom, did you see that picture I colored for you?” I told her I did see it and that it was beautiful. That was the end of the conversation.

So this morning when we get in the car, she asks again, “Mom, where is that picture I colored for you?” I told her it was in the passenger seat where we left it yesterday. She said, “Are you going to bring it to work to put up by your desk?” I told her yes…knowing I would probably throw it away when I got to work (because I have her handprints and Jules’ footprint up instead).

Then she said, “I drew that picture for you for Mother’s Day. If you turn it over, you can see your hand….and I painted your nails for you.”

I turned the paper over and she had traced her own hand and “painted” the fingernails…just as she said. My heart melted. Here I was thinking this was just another coloring sheet like all the rest. But it’s so much more. My three year old poured her whole heart into this picture…sha baby!

I guess it’s not about how extravagent the project is, or how colorful, or how many different odd and ends you used to make it….it’s about the thought that was given to make it. This one is a keeper. I’m so glad I didn’t throw it away.

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