Just Like We Used To

This year for Mother’s Day we went to my brother’s house for boiled crawfish. Since it poured the night before, everything was soaked. The huge ditch next to my brother’s house was flooded, so that became the entertainment for the kids. I remember when the ditch at my parent’s house would flood…all the neighbors would come over and we would play until dark.

Nowadays if you watch the news or read the articles, you will learn of the harmful bacteria, the chemicals, etc. in mud, in hose water, in ditches. To me, the mud is the same mud I used to play in…and the hose water is the same I used to drink from. Society has us wrapping our kids in bubble wrap and not letting them do the childhood activites we used to enjoy.

These are the most fun times…and the cost is free. Yes, my kids played in a muddy ditch and drank out the hose (GASP!)… and they are still alive. Let them be kids!

…and what happens when you are full of mud and grit and grime? Your momma hoses you off of course!

Since it rained so much, their trampoline was soaked. So everytime the kids jumped, water would splash up at them. They loved it. I think my girls jumped until their legs were numb.

I knew the girls would be getting dirty, so I found some old hand me down swimsuits for them to wear. Kennedy’s was a little big for her, so everytime she jumped, her bathing suit would fall off a little…she looked like the Coppertone Baby!

The looks on their faces were pure enjoyment. They had the best time.

Then it started to rain…pour actually. So we let them play in the rain (GASP!). Since there was no lightning or thunder at first, the kids just ran around jumping and splashing in the rain. Again, it reminded me of when I was little and my parents would let us play in the rain. I wanted to run in there with them!

The girls liked to catch the rain in their mouths.

So the day was not full of sunshine and flowers, but instead turned into a wet mess that the kids will remember…just like their mom still does ;)
No phone, ipad, or even a PowerWheels to keep them occupied…just the good ‘ole fun of nature. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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