Lately on the Hot Mess Express…

The girls have been busy lately with summer activities. They love to play in the sprinkler, and have been busy swimming at the pool. We spend the majority of our time there in the summer since it’s so close to our house.

Kennedy is getting ready to start swimming lessons, and we just registered Jules for her first year of dance!

Jules is such a parrot lately. She repeats EVERYTHING big sister says. She is starting to make full sentences and keep a conversation with someone. Her newest trick is to “hiccup” on command…she thinks it’s hilarious.

Kennedy’s little brain is like a sponge. She remembers everything! She went visit/tour her “big school” which she will be starting in August. PreK-3 already!

Here’s some video clips that were on my phone the past couple weeks. Disclaimer: Seth was driving while I was recording in the car video.

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