A $20 Hissy Fit

A couple of days ago, I noticed Jules had been very cranky and pulling at her ear. After home remedies didn’t work, I asked my mom to take her to the doctor to check her out before we leave for the beach. We surely didn’t want a cranky Jules at the beach!

So when my mom picked her up from daycare yesterday afternoon, the teachers told her that Kennedy had not been herself either. They said Kennedy had been crying all day and was just very irritable. So I asked my mom if she would bring Kennedy in as well, just to make sure she didn’t have some type of infection or virus.

My mom said Kennedy was crying in the car and asking for “momma.” I felt terrible since I was at work. What if she has the flu? What if she has strep? She seemed fine the past couple days…I need my babies well for vacation!

Jules was up first…ear infection and sinusitis. She was given an antibiotic. Whew. Ok, I can live with that. I can bring the antibiotics on vacation.

Next up was Kennedy. Our doctor checked her out…eyes, ears, nose, throat, stomach etc. The diagnosis was…she is perfectly fine. What?! She has not been herself and keeps crying for no reason – something must be bothering her!

So my mom asked her why she had been crying all day at school. She looks at my mom and casually says, “I just want to go to the beach!”

Really kid? I just paid a co-pay for all this drama?!

This is why I can’t tell my kids we are going somewhere exciting until we are actually leaving.

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