Gulf Port – Day 1

Since Seth and I are going on a big trip next month for our 5 year anniversary, we didn’t go on the 7 day beach trip with the kids like last year. Instead we opted for a mini vacation to Gulf Port, MS…the kids don’t know the difference, right!?

We left on a Wednesday evening when I got home from work. The plan was to spend the night at Harrah’s Casino in Biloxi, then have breakfast in the morning and head to the beach. The kids were excited to leave! They watched Frozen TWICE on the way…

The plan was to eat supper and let the kids swim in the pool as long as they wanted. We arrived at the pool at 7:55pm only to be told that children weren’t allowed in the pool area after 8:00pm. Really!? The girls were so disappointed. So we headed back to the room with nothing to do. Seth became creative and made the girls a “camp”. They LOVED it.

The next morning we left bright and early and stopped for breakfast at Waffle House. The waitress gave Kennedy & Jules hats to wear…

Finally we made it to the beach! Even though the water was not as pretty compared to where we normally go, it was perfect for our little getaway. There was some seaweed near the edge of the water, but no one seemed to mind.

I love this picture of Jules. It shows her white creases in her legs. Jules has a naturally olive complexion that tans easily (I’m jealous). She has her daddy to thank for that. Her creases don’t see the sun, so she has white lines on her arms, legs, and neck :)

Two other couples came with us… along with my brother and his wife. So, we had good friends to enjoy the lazy days with…and the girls had fun playing with their friends and cousins.

Before we left home, my mom told Kennedy to bring a seashell back for her. My girl didn’t forget…she searched and searched until she found the perfect shell for her Nana.

That night, we opened the sofa bed and let all the kids watch Frozen (of course).

Day 1 was a success!

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