Punta Cana – Day 1

It was all my husband’s idea. I wanted to go to Disney with the girls, and he wanted to go on a romantic getaway for our upcoming five-year anniversary. After looking at both of our options, Punta Cana was the more reasonable trip for us at this time. He convinced me that the girls were too young this year – plus we came out much cheaper.

We booked our entire trip through VacationsToGo.com. It was so easy and our agent did everything. He booked our flights, travel to the resort, and our hotel. We upgraded to the Romance Deluxe package which included a bottle of cava, chocolate covered strawberries upon arrival, one hour couples massage, first breakfast in bed, and a romantic dinner.

One of the reasons we chose Punta Cana was because of the value. There are many other all-inclusive resorts (some adult-only, etc), but we booked at the Occidental Grande Punta Cana after researching several resorts. We were extremely pleased with everything. The views were breathtaking and the service was impeccable. We were not at an adult-only resort, but there were not many kids staying there – mostly couples. There was a senior trip group from Canada who took up most of the pool bar, but Seth and I stayed on the beach everyday so they were not an issue.

Everything came together to create a perfect, unforgettable trip.

Our girls stayed with my in-laws for three nights and my parents for three nights. They did great! I left them a small surprise each day we were gone in case they missed us, but everyone kept them really busy. I was so nervous to leave them. I did great until we got on the plane to leave. A little girl sat right behind me and started watching Frozen on her iPad. She was holding a little Elsa doll. I lost it…started busting out crying. Seth thought I was nuts. I felt a little better after a drink (or three), and felt comfortable knowing they were in good hands.

Once we landed in Punta Cana, we walked off the plane (literally) and into the airport. IMG_2332

It was HOT. Their airport had no air condition, and we had to stand in a long line for security. A band kept us entertained.IMG_2333

We then took the travel van (which our agent booked) to the resort. What is it about drivers in other countries who do not see stop signs or speed limits?! We were lucky we made it there in one piece.

Once we got to the resort, we following the brick path around the entire area. Coconut trees were everywhere which made the smell around the resort very tropical.IMG_2342

Our room was nice. It had a nice size bathroom, big bedroom area, sofa area, and a balcony…and air condition!  We had a plate of fresh fruit to welcome us.IMG_2334IMG_2337

We did not have a beach view (added expense), but we did have a pool view. Big palm trees planted around the resort provided extra privacy. IMG_2339


After checking in, getting settled, making dinner reservations, etc., we spent the rest of the evening walking around the resort and becoming familiar with the area. Of course, we tried some drinks also :)IMG_2343


If I have one complaint about the trip it is this – TIMESHARE PEOPLE. We were warned to stay away from the timeshare folks, and we did our best. However, on our first day, we received a call to our room. The guy, Victor, knew us by name and asked if we were getting settled into our room. He told us that he was the concierge for our building, and that if we had any questions, he was the man to ask. He told us that he could make our dinner reservations and spa reservations also. We figured we would make everything through him to save time. After talking to him face to face for over thirty minutes, we realized he was a timeshare scam. He kept telling us about these “special offers just for us” etc.. After realizing his antics, we ignored anyone who wasn’t at the front desk for the rest of the trip. The timeshare people stay around the lobby and constantly ask tourists passing by to go talk with them. This was the downfall of the entire trip.

Once we knew how to handle the timeshare employees  (IGNORE), we enjoyed our paradise for the rest of the trip.

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