Punta Cana – Day 3

We spent day 3 on the beach of course. Every morning we were greeted by a little band that walked the beach playing their drums. Seth said he will hear those drums in his head for the next month.



After lunch we spent the afternoon in the pool area. This area was a lot more crowded than the beach. It was a very large pool, but it was always full. We enjoyed the beach more than the pool area – it was more secluded and relaxing.


We then went to the little gift shop area which was like a tiny shopping mall. It held about five or six different souvenir shops. We bought the girls a drum (I just had to), a statue for Seth’s man cave, and a dream catcher. I’m hoping this foreign dream catcher will help Kennedy sleep a little better at night.


We made reservations for the steak house on this night. We had high hopes for the food to be delicious since the buffets were really good.


The restaurant was really nice, and we were greeted with wine upon our arrival. The food was decent. Seth had a steak and I ordered a hamburger (which was extremely under-cooked). The steakhouse was nice, but we found tastier dishes on our trip other than in this restaurant.


When we arrived back to our room we had another surprise that came along with our romance package. Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne were the perfect ending to our night.


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