Punta Cana – Day 4

This was the most perfect day ever. It was our most romantic day on the trip. We started the morning off with a walk on the beach. The morning was so beautiful – I could have stared at our view forever.






We laid under a tiki hut all day and just relaxed. It was perfect.


After a lazy day on the beach, we went to our room to drink our champagne from the night before. It was SO good.


The dinner on this night was the “romantic” dinner that came with our package.


While walking to dinner, Seth picked a flower from the plants nearby and placed it in my hair. He’s such a sweetie. AWWWWWW


I was expecting a nice romanticĀ setup, but was not expecting THIS setup. Our own private beach dinner…right by the waves.





I told Seth that I felt like The Bachelorette. I felt like we were on some sort of TV show or movie. It was THAT perfect. As the night came, the sky turned beautiful shades of pink and purple.


Being the sweet comic that he is, my husband took the flower from our candlelit table and so seriously asked me, “Dani, will you accept this rose?”


I told him that even though it was an extremely hard decision, I accepted his final rose :)



Moments before our entrees arrived, we felt little drops of rain. By the time we moved everything into the private courtyard, the rain had completely stopped. Instead of moving everything back onto the beach, we just stayed in the courtyard. We were the only table there.


After soup, appetizers, & entrees, we were brought out the most delicious chocolate cake for dessert. They also sent us home with another bottle of that yummy champagne.


It was the best date I have ever been on – SO romantic. Everyone should feel like The Bachelorette on a date once in their life.

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