Punta Cana – Last Day

With our romance package came a couples massage. We chose to use it on the last day, since it would be the perfect ending to our relaxing trip. We walked to the spa and were escorted to a little tiki hut with two massage tables inside. IMG_2472 We spent our last day on the beach just as we did the days before – just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Before we left home, we agreed that we would not go on any excursions on this trip. On our honeymoon we did a couple of excursions, and we felt that this trip would be dedicated to relaxing. I didn’t want to be constrained by time, and I didn’t want to spend half of our days traveling to and from the excursion points. Perhaps one day when we go back, we can try a couple of the excursions that were offered. IMG_2487 Our last dinner reservation was at the Oriental restaurant on the resort. IMG_2489 Again, the food was delicious. Seth had sushi for an appetizer (I’m not a fan). IMG_2494 We had chicken, stir fry vegetables, and rice. Fried ice cream was our choice for desert. Our last meal didn’t disappoint! IMG_2496 IMG_2490 It was a bittersweet day. I was excited to get home to my little girls, but I didn’t want to leave the best vacation we’ve ever had. We have plans to return in the future, but until then, ¡adiós! Punta Cana! 10489729_10101015020797460_5248893215223175306_n

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