Dear Jules on your 2nd Birthday

My sweet Julesy Wulsey,
You have no idea how much pleasure you bring to so many lives. You are so lovable and squeezable, and I have a hard time stopping myself from pinching you every chance I get. I could squeeze those adorable dimple-filled cheeks all day long. It’s hard to believe my big browned-eyed baby butterball is now two years old.

photo (2)

There are so many things I love about you! I love to watch you with your sister – you look up to her so much. You copy everything she does, and I admire how much you both care for each other.


I love how lovable you are. Random times throughout the day, you will just hug or say “I love you”. You are so sweet. You have the best manners…always saying “please” and “thank you”.



I love how laid back you are. Even though you made quite the dramatic entrance into the world, you are very mellow. If someone steals your toy, you just find another. If you do have a tantrum, it lasts seconds. You could play in a room full of people, or you could play quietly by yourself. You are very easy-going. (Except for that time we made you wear that sequin dress that you hated).


I love to watch you eat. You will stop whatever you are doing or playing with when it is breakfast/lunch/dinner time. You eat anything. Whatever we put in front of you, you finish it (and your sister’s).



I love those curls. You have the most adorable, hard to manage head of curls. You will be breaking many hearts one day with your curls, long eyelashes, big brown eyes, & dimples.



And that laugh. That precious belly laugh. It’s so contagious! When you laugh around other people, they can’t help but laugh themselves! It is a chuckle that I will never get tired of hearing.


Daddy and I thank God everyday that you came into our lives. He picked a special day for your arrival – Mommy & Daddy’s anniversary!

I hope you have fun at your birthday party this weekend, my love! Mommy & Daddy love you BIG BIG.


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