Blacklight Run – NOLA

Let’s get one thing straight – I DO NOT RUN. Never could. I can dance for hours doing turns and leaps, but if I run to my mailbox and back, I would probably hyperventilate. If I’m running, something or someone is probably chasing me.

So when my husband wanted to sign us up for the Blacklight Run in New Orleans, I thought he was making a joke. Our friends created a team, “We got da runz”, and he wanted to join for this fun run. After finally convincing me, I was sure I would be the last one crossing the finish line…holding everyone up.


To make matters worse, I had to borrow tennis shoes to even participate. That’s right, I don’t own tennis shoes. I don’t know why this is hard for people to believe. The last pair of tennis shoes I owned was when I was a senior in high school PE. I just don’t wear them – I have no need to wear them. I have some boat shoes with laces if that counts.

Anyways, my mom gave me some old tennis shoes she didn’t use anymore, so now I am the proud owner of some Nike-somethings.

So we show up at this race and there are over 10,000 people there – all wearing white shirts ready to be splattered with color. I had no idea what to expect since it was my first run ever.


We took a couple of team pictures before the race started.




A stage was set up with a DJ for the “pre-race” party. We headed that way to have some fun before the race. The DJs started throwing color on everyone to get the crowd pumped up for the race.



Soon it was time for the race to get started. It took a while to begin since so many runners were registered.




Most of our group walked the 5K. Since it was a “fun run”, there were no times or winners. To be honest, this was the most boring part of the experience. Even though we were walking with a group, it was pretty uneventful. There were a couple of color stations, but nothing compared to the before and after parties. I was expecting a lot of blacklights and colors and music…we were literally just walking in the dark with a couple of glow sticks. It was like Halloween without the candy. I’m glad I went though. Next year we agreed that we would be happy with just the pre and post events.




There were a couple of opportunities for us to cheat and cut through the track to get closer to the finish line. I told myself I was finishing! I might not have been the fastest person, but at least I finished!


After the race we went back to the stage for the post-run party. This was the most fun part of the night! They threw so much color! It was awesome!



With so many blacklights around, we all looked like a bunch of hot messes. It made our eyes, tongues, etc. all purple. We looked wicked!


My husband even looks good under a blacklight with neon colors all over him – I’m a lucky lady :)



Bradley Cooper even made an appearance!



It was such a fun night, and we would definitely do it again. I’m so proud of myself for completing my first 5K (even though I walked)…and for the record, tennis shoes are overrated.



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