Bedtime Chart (Slowly but surely)

Lately we have been working on Kennedy sleeping in her bed all night by herself. She always starts off in her bed, but the majority of the time she comes in our room in the middle of the night.

As an incentive, I made her a bedtime chart to hang on the bulletin board in her room. Every time she slept in her in her own bed by herself all night she got to put a sticker on the chart. We agreed that once she had five stickers she would get to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. I even put his picture on the chart so she could see how close she was getting with every sticker.


Needless to say, we made it to five stickers! It took almost four weeks :/ I guess we have to start somewhere, right!? Sweet girl was so proud of herself.


As promised her daddy and I took her to lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese – of course Jules came along too. They had a good time and were exhausted by the time we left.











So now Mom has to make a brand new bedtime chart – hopefully we can get five stickers sooner than the first chart. Kennedy picked the splash park to go on the new chart. Fingers crossed for good nights ahead!

Mom Funk

I’ve been in a mom funk lately.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I just have been in an overall funk. I get home and don’t feel like doing anything but go to bed. I don’t feel like getting up in the morning. My mood is short tempered, and my hormones are all over the place. When I get to work, I just stare at the computer not knowing where to begin.

I get into a hole where I feel so sorry for myself.

I know we all get like this sometimes, and it’s so hard to pull yourself back up. I’ve been noticing that my kids have been “extra” temperamental and sleeping even LESS at night. Perhaps my mood affects everyone around me as well. I truly believe that surrounding yourself with positive people will make you an overall more positive person. So I decided today that I will not bring my kids down with me – I need to get out of my mom funk for them.

God told me that this was the right thing to do when I came across this article on Pinterest today. Perfect timing, Big Man!

10 Ways to Cure a Grumpy Mom

…you want to know the best part? God thought he would add a little humor to my day. The blog on the site is titled “The Kennedy Adventures.” What are the odds!? I knew this was exactly what I needed to read today.

So thanks, God, for the good kick in the a$$. We all need it sometimes!

First Day of School – “FOR REAL”

I always said I wouldn’t put my kids in PreK-3. I thought, “they are in school long enough…my kids can start in PreK-4.” Well Kennedy missed our school cut-off date by six days. The thought of her having to go to daycare for one more year was starting to make me think twice about PreK-3. Daycare was great, but I thought the school setting would benefit her more. Kennedy knows a lot – about everything. So I really felt that she was ready for PreK-3 (she is probably the oldest in the class).

Now, Jules has a late birthday – will she go to PreK-3? I’m not sure, yet. She would start next year already! The girls would be back to back in school. I’ll see how ready Jules is when the time comes, but for now, one in school is enough :)

My girl was SO excited to get up this morning. She literally could not stop smiling. We got her dressed in her little uniform and she instantly aged about ten years.


I made her a little printable to hold with her grade number and teacher name. I hope I remember to do this every year. Maybe I should print them out until 12th grade just to be safe…



I didn’t get emotional at school or on the ride there. I got teary eyed taking these pictures at 6:30 am. She was SO happy. I just kept thinking how big she has gotten in such a short time.


I mean she has a REAL schoolbag now. My friend at Lacie’s Loft monogramed her schoolbag for us. When we picked it up, Kennedy told me, “Thank goodness she spelled my name right.” I told her of course Mrs. Lacie spelled your name right. Kennedy said, “I mean, it’s only K-E-N-N-E-D-Y!”


I also made her a printable with a few of her favorite things at the moment.



After pictures, I told Kennedy it was time to get in the car. She said, “No Mom! You forgot to take some poses without my sign.” A true model knows her accessories…so I just let her pose away!




Of course little sister wanted some pictures with the schoolbag also. She kept yelling, “Julesy’s turn!” She started a new daycare this morning (to be close to Kennedy’s school), so I guess this was a big day for her as well.



Our early photo shoot was over, and we headed to school. When we drove out of our driveway, I said “Ya’ll! We are going to big school!!!” Kennedy said, “FOR REAL!? Like the real one!?” I said, “yes, for real.”

The girls talk the entire way. I wish I could have recorded them – they were so excited. When we drove up the big bridge over the river, Kennedy told me she could see Disneyworld. She also told me that if I cut my face off, that I would bleed a lot a lot…

We walked into the classroom and she put her schoolbag down and sat at the table like she had been doing it for weeks. Some of the kids were playing with puzzles, so she just joined right in. I had no worries that she would be shy! I had to remind her to give me a hug and tell me “bye”! I can’t wait to hear all about her day when I pick her up this afternoon!

I love when my kids hit the big milestones, but I’m still in search of that fountain of youth to make them stay little!

Playdough Mats

Playdough and bubbles. Don’t you just love when your kids play with those things? Don’t they just keep everything in the container that it comes in and not get the stuff on anything else? I think not.

My kids love to play with playdough, but I rarely let them because of the mess it makes. I started letting them play with it outside, but they stick it to EVERYTHING. I’m left scraping playdough off of my car, the windows, the columns, etc.

Browsing around on Pinterest one day, I came across these “Playdough Mats.” Laminated sheets of paper that allow kids to do an activity with the playdough ON the mat. I immediatly became interested until I saw what some people were charging for these things. REALLY!? It’s a sheet of paper. I did find some free printable ones here and here.


Since I don’t have a laminating machine, I put the sheets in plastic sheet protectors – they worked just as well. The girls loved them, and I loved not having to scrape playdough off of anything.



I folded two batches of clothes and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher all while my kids just sat there like good little chlidren playing with their playdough. The mats were easy to clean. Of course if they get some playdough smeared on the mat that is difficult to get off, you simply just take the sheet out and get a new sheet protector!


I will be printing some more and also making my own! I can’t wait to make pumpkins and Santa faces for the upcoming holidays. Great activity to keep your toddler(s) busy!


Engagement Pictures – Brandie & Dylan

My cousin asked me to take some engagement photos of her and her fiance this past weekend!

We started out very traditional. We went to my brother’s deck in his backyard. I never realized how pretty his setup would be in pictures – I will have to take my girls here for a photo shoot one day!



DSC_0731 - Copy


DSC_0747 - Copy



Our next location was at the end of the bride’s street where she grew up. Since they live on a lake, the edge of the water was the perfect scenery.



DSC_0777 - Copy


The couple also wanted some pictures that represented their lifestyle. Their first clothing change was into Dylan’s work clothes (he works on a tugboat). His fiance wore his life jacket.




DSC_0792 - Copy



Another feature they wanted to use in their pictures to represent their lifestyle was the groom’s four-wheeler. They both enjoy riding and wanted some pictures to capture one of their favorite activities as a couple.

DSC_0806 - Copy


It was fun to take pictures of adults – haha. My camera roll is usually flooded with my girls.

Congrats to Brandie and Dylan, and we cannot wait until the wedding. I know it will be beautiful!