First Day of School – “FOR REAL”

I always said I wouldn’t put my kids in PreK-3. I thought, “they are in school long enough…my kids can start in PreK-4.” Well Kennedy missed our school cut-off date by six days. The thought of her having to go to daycare for one more year was starting to make me think twice about PreK-3. Daycare was great, but I thought the school setting would benefit her more. Kennedy knows a lot – about everything. So I really felt that she was ready for PreK-3 (she is probably the oldest in the class).

Now, Jules has a late birthday – will she go to PreK-3? I’m not sure, yet. She would start next year already! The girls would be back to back in school. I’ll see how ready Jules is when the time comes, but for now, one in school is enough :)

My girl was SO excited to get up this morning. She literally could not stop smiling. We got her dressed in her little uniform and she instantly aged about ten years.


I made her a little printable to hold with her grade number and teacher name. I hope I remember to do this every year. Maybe I should print them out until 12th grade just to be safe…



I didn’t get emotional at school or on the ride there. I got teary eyed taking these pictures at 6:30 am. She was SO happy. I just kept thinking how big she has gotten in such a short time.


I mean she has a REAL schoolbag now. My friend at Lacie’s Loft monogramed her schoolbag for us. When we picked it up, Kennedy told me, “Thank goodness she spelled my name right.” I told her of course Mrs. Lacie spelled your name right. Kennedy said, “I mean, it’s only K-E-N-N-E-D-Y!”


I also made her a printable with a few of her favorite things at the moment.



After pictures, I told Kennedy it was time to get in the car. She said, “No Mom! You forgot to take some poses without my sign.” A true model knows her accessories…so I just let her pose away!




Of course little sister wanted some pictures with the schoolbag also. She kept yelling, “Julesy’s turn!” She started a new daycare this morning (to be close to Kennedy’s school), so I guess this was a big day for her as well.



Our early photo shoot was over, and we headed to school. When we drove out of our driveway, I said “Ya’ll! We are going to big school!!!” Kennedy said, “FOR REAL!? Like the real one!?” I said, “yes, for real.”

The girls talk the entire way. I wish I could have recorded them – they were so excited. When we drove up the big bridge over the river, Kennedy told me she could see Disneyworld. She also told me that if I cut my face off, that I would bleed a lot a lot…

We walked into the classroom and she put her schoolbag down and sat at the table like she had been doing it for weeks. Some of the kids were playing with puzzles, so she just joined right in. I had no worries that she would be shy! I had to remind her to give me a hug and tell me “bye”! I can’t wait to hear all about her day when I pick her up this afternoon!

I love when my kids hit the big milestones, but I’m still in search of that fountain of youth to make them stay little!

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