Mom Funk

I’ve been in a mom funk lately.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I just have been in an overall funk. I get home and don’t feel like doing anything but go to bed. I don’t feel like getting up in the morning. My mood is short tempered, and my hormones are all over the place. When I get to work, I just stare at the computer not knowing where to begin.

I get into a hole where I feel so sorry for myself.

I know we all get like this sometimes, and it’s so hard to pull yourself back up. I’ve been noticing that my kids have been “extra” temperamental and sleeping even LESS at night. Perhaps my mood affects everyone around me as well. I truly believe that surrounding yourself with positive people will make you an overall more positive person. So I decided today that I will not bring my kids down with me – I need to get out of my mom funk for them.

God told me that this was the right thing to do when I came across this article on Pinterest today. Perfect timing, Big Man!

10 Ways to Cure a Grumpy Mom

…you want to know the best part? God thought he would add a little humor to my day. The blog on the site is titled “The Kennedy Adventures.” What are the odds!? I knew this was exactly what I needed to read today.

So thanks, God, for the good kick in the a$$. We all need it sometimes!

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