Get Onboard the Crazy Train

Kennedy LOVES big school – she wants to go 7 days a week! In just a few short weeks she has learned so much, and she tells me ALL about it on the ride home. When I ask her what is her favorite part of her school day, she tells me, “extended daycare.”


Jules is adjusting to her new school slowly but surely. She tells me she likes to play outside and eat freeze pops there. Momma hopes to start potty training her soon – number 6 is the last size diaper :/


Every day and night in our house, the girls have a pageant or concert. They hide behind the couch until Mom or Dad introduces them. Then, they get on the fireplace and do a song or dance. Sometimes it’s songs they know, and sometimes they make up their own. Jules just follows along and does whatever Ms. Kennedy tells her to do. She looks up to Kennedy so much!



Frozen is still the hype in our house – going on one year now. They listen to the songs, they watch the movie, they play with the toys… etc etc. Seth and I could recite the movie. They were even singing “Let It Go” in the shopping basket at Wal Mart recently. I just video and laugh – what else do you do?!

We have been getting their Elsa & Anna Halloween costumes ready, and preparing for Kennedy’s 4th birthday party – Frozen-style of course!

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