God’s Crayola Box

I just love the innocence of children. If we could all think a little bit more like them, it would be a much simpler world. Here’s a little Kennedy story that is too cute not to share:

During our twenty minute ride to school, we get to watch the sun rise every morning. It’s actually peaceful, and the girls discuss it every single day. They talk about what colors are in the sky that day, and what shapes the clouds are forming.

One day last week, we had a really hazy and foggy drive to school. We didn’t see the sun peaking from the clouds, and we didn’t notice any colors.

Kennedy spoke from the backseat and told me that God is in the sky. I told her she was absolutely correct…in fact, he is everywhere! Knowing that children think literally, I could see the little wheels in her head turning. She had not spoken for a couple of minutes, so I asked her what she was thinking about. She says, “He musta ran outta pink.” Confused, I made a ‘what are you talking about’ face. Then I looked up in the fog and realized what she was talking about. God must have ran out of his pink crayon when he was coloring the sky that morning.

How adorable to look at the world through an almost four year olds eyes :)


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