Dear Kennedy on your 4th Birthday



I bet you don’t realize how much happiness you bring to our family. You literally make me laugh out loud every single day. You are the funniest four year old I know. The ideas and thoughts you come up with are so imaginative. I hope one day you can have a little girl or boy of your own that brings just as much delight to your life as you do to ours.


I remember every second of this day four years ago. This was the first day I became a mother. The minute I saw you and held you, I realized my purpose on this earth…to be a mom.

photo (3)

I hope you had a fabulous time at your Frozen party! You deserve everything you received. Sure you have your moments, but you are such a sweet and good girl. Don’t ever stop making people smile – that is a wonderful quality you have.

You are also the best big sister Jules could ask for. You include her in everything you do, and she looks up to you so much. I truly enjoy watching the two of you together.

Happy FOURTH birthday, big girl! I am so blessed that God chose me to be your mommy :)

Love, Mom

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