Halloween Photo Shoot

I was super excited to dress the kids (and dog) up this year for our annual Halloween photo shoot! I bribed them with suckers and they cooperated beautifully. Harley too. I bribed him with treats and he was just smiling away.


This picture literally took five minutes. I snapped about three pictures and we were done – a lot easier than in the past. Once we were done, the girls had to sing the infamous “Let It Go” for the nine hundredth time… I’m sure you can tell by Harley’s face that this is not the first time he has heard this song….


I was debating how I would make Harley into Olaf (a snowman). I decided to virtually spray paint him with a white overlay. He came out great! I added some sticks to the top of his head, added some eyebrows, and finished with a carrot nose and voila! Olaf was the perfect finishing touch. This is my favorite holiday picture so far! Enjoy!


**Everything in the picture was added using ribbet.com


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