Interview with a 4 Year Old

Although I video a lot and take tons of pictures, there are still some moments that I wish I would have gotten on film. Sometimes when I’m talking to the girls, I wish I would have a hidden video camera somewhere so I could replay the conversation.

The other night when I was talking to Kennedy after her bath, I decided to ask her a couple of questions. Hopefully in years to come, she can see how her answers may or may not have changed throughout the years….and also how sneaky she was a four year old :)


For those who don’t know, a “boucherie” (pronounced BOO-SHUH-REE) is a pig roast. It involves lots of friends & lots of food :)

Since we moved in our house two years ago, my husband had been having plans of a boucherie in our yard with all of our family and friends. He planned it this year on LSU’s bye-week. It just so happened to fall on my birthday this year! Seth told me to think if it as a big birthday party for myself…yea right!

The day started off with my munchkins helping Daddy bake a birthday cake for me! They loved cracking the eggs and licking the beaters from the mixer.



The cooking started around 8am and didn’t end until late afternoon. The food was delicious. From the pig we had pork roast, cracklin’, and hog head cheese. Friends brought chips, dips, desserts, etc…






I was so excited some friends from work came! They are so crazy and fit right it. Gary even made a shirt to wear :)


The band, Chiquita Sunrise, were a hit as usual. We love those guys. My nephew, Kaleb, loved them too! He was so mesmerized and could not take his eyes off the band. He must have inherited Grampie’s love for music.



We couldn’t move our playhouse from under the patio, so one of the guitarist just set up right on the playhouse porch! I bet that was a first!


We had such a fun time with our friends and family. We have some pretty awesome people in our lives! We have had request to make this an annual party…hmmm we shall see!

















Confessions of a mom

Moms get asked a lot “How do you do it?” Sometimes we come off as superheroes, but in reality, we have no special powers, and we tend to mess up…a lot (I know I do). Here are my confessions to my kids:

Harley (our dog) has served as your face wipe after supper more than once. He just does such a good job.

When you asked me for a piece of chocolate, I lied and told you we didn’t have any.

Whenever I clean your playroom, I throw away a bunch of broken toys which you would probably argue to keep.

I hid behind a wall one night to eat a plate of food because I did not feel like sharing my dinner. I wanted every single bite to myself. Even if you have your own plate, you still want bites out of mine. If you find me hiding, sometimes I tell you my food is “pepper” – even if it’s cereal.

I skipped your bath more than once.

I brought you into the store pantless once. You had a shitty situation in the car and I didn’t feel like driving back to our house for a change of clothes.

I have called you the wrong name on multiple occasions…I have even called you by the dogs name.

When reading books to you, I sometimes skip pages to get to the end faster.

When I forgot to brush your teeth one morning, I made you chew a piece of gum because I didn’t feel like turning the car around and going back home.

Sometimes when you are throwing a fit, I giggle inside. On some occasions I snap a picture and send it to family and friends.

I’m not going to apologize, because it’s all part of it. You will do the same things to your little ones. Yet somehow after all of this, you still are turning out to be some pretty adorable and amazing little girls.


Happy 1st Birthday Hakuna Matata!

One year ago I started this blog to have as a memory keeper for my girls and their children. I knew I would not be able to write every day, but 70 posts isn’t too bad, right!?

Hopefully my kids will be able to read all of their funny stories and learn about the traditions we started for them.

Here’s the top 5 posts in the last year! Thanks for reading!

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Trick-or-Treat 2014

Months ago I knew what Kennedy would want to dress as for Halloween…just like thousands of other girls. The infamous Elsa from Frozen. Sure I wanted her and Jules to be something clever, but when their little eyes lit up at the Elsa and Anna dresses, I just had to get them – after all, it’s for the kids, right?

After a little eye shadow, lip gloss, and a super cool wig, they looked JUST like the REAL ones! Kennedy put the wig on and asked me, “Does my voice sounds just like Elsa’s now?” I told her of course it did…I thought the real Elsa was in my house! She said, “No mom, it’s just me. Kennedy.”





Each year we start off at my in-laws house. All the cousins on that side of the family meet here to get ready for trick-or-treat. This year we had the cutest little cat, the scary Hulk, a Ninja Turtle, & a LSU Golden Girl!



Then we all get into the trailer and Pappy pulls us with his tractor down the street. The tractor stops at each house, and the kids hop out and run to the different doors to snatch their candy!





We met up with some more cousins! Olaf, another Elsa & Anna, & even Sven!





Next we headed to my brother’s house so the girls could see their cousins on the other side of the family. Their street houses many kids, so they were able to meet up with a bunch of their friends.













The kids ate way too much candy but had a blast. They collected loads of goodies…and even scored $4 each! I think I need to put on a costume next year and trick-or-treat! Happy Halloween!