Confessions of a mom

Moms get asked a lot “How do you do it?” Sometimes we come off as superheroes, but in reality, we have no special powers, and we tend to mess up…a lot (I know I do). Here are my confessions to my kids:

Harley (our dog) has served as your face wipe after supper more than once. He just does such a good job.

When you asked me for a piece of chocolate, I lied and told you we didn’t have any.

Whenever I clean your playroom, I throw away a bunch of broken toys which you would probably argue to keep.

I hid behind a wall one night to eat a plate of food because I did not feel like sharing my dinner. I wanted every single bite to myself. Even if you have your own plate, you still want bites out of mine. If you find me hiding, sometimes I tell you my food is “pepper” – even if it’s cereal.

I skipped your bath more than once.

I brought you into the store pantless once. You had a shitty situation in the car and I didn’t feel like driving back to our house for a change of clothes.

I have called you the wrong name on multiple occasions…I have even called you by the dogs name.

When reading books to you, I sometimes skip pages to get to the end faster.

When I forgot to brush your teeth one morning, I made you chew a piece of gum because I didn’t feel like turning the car around and going back home.

Sometimes when you are throwing a fit, I giggle inside. On some occasions I snap a picture and send it to family and friends.

I’m not going to apologize, because it’s all part of it. You will do the same things to your little ones. Yet somehow after all of this, you still are turning out to be some pretty adorable and amazing little girls.


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