Herbie’s Back!

Our favorite elf from the North Pole, Herbie, came back for his yearly checkup on our family. The morning after Thanksgiving, the girls woke up to a North Pole breakfast. Herbie brought some goodies from the North Pole to help kickoff his favorite season!



They came straight out of bed to the table (notice the hair), and they were so excited to see their elf.




The girls were happy to have their own “coffee” mug. Jules didn’t last long without a lid…
Herbie even decorate the bottom of the mug with a $1 sticker! :/




The next morning, we found Herbie hiding on the bookshelf in the living room. He found the perfect seat on our decorative owl!


The next day we found that little stinker (that’s what Kennedy calls him) playing dress up with the girls bows. He even found a necklace!


It was so sweet when we found him holding baby Jesus one morning! I don’t let them play with the breakable nativity scene, but now that Herbie was able to hold baby Jesus, they both want to hold Him every day!


The girls giggled when they found him doing flips on the light in the kitchen!


We were all laughs the next morning when we found what Herbie did! He created a photo prop using Elsa! He must really know Kennedy & Jules! Kennedy couldn’t stop laughing at him – I kept laughing at HER laughing at HIM!


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