We had an eventful episode with Herbie yesterday. The girls woke up to find Herbie hiding in our Christmas tree by one of the other elves. Kennedy assumed they were playing “babies”, and the bigger elf was the mommy.


As the girls were looking at the tree, Herbie randomly FELL OUT…ONTO THE FLOOR!!!! He must have not been sitting very well on that branch :/

Of course he fell out when the girls were watching him….he couldn’t have fallen out when they were asleep….so he could magically hop back up…but no, he fell out and just laid there like a stiff elf.

Kennedy’s eyes became HUGE. She just stared at him…then back at me. I didn’t know what to say. How did that little sh*t fall out of the damn tree? He was doing so well here in the house.

I told them not to touch him, and that I was sure he would be fine as soon as we left for work and school. I told them that he would climb back up and “play babies” just like he was when they woke up. He certainly would not move if we were watching him…


So with all of the excitement going on at 6:00am, Harley decided to walk on over to see what the fuss was about. He walked around Kennedy and did the most awful thing…
He just nonchalantly WALKED ON HERBIE!!!! O.M.G.

He walked right in the pit of Herbie’s stomach…causing him to bend in half. (OUCH!) Thank goodness he is made of felt, because rib cage surgery at the North Pole is a pretty penny I hear.

My eyes got huge at this point. Maybe the girls didn’t see and we can pretend this didn’t happen…

Immediately Kennedy ran behind the column in the dining room. She peaked out from the sides. (I think she thought Herbie would bleed or something…)

Then she started screaming, “Harley touched Herbieee!!!!!!!”
I said it was ok, I think Herbie just needed to be left alone…he had enough excitement for the morning. (Didn’t we all) So of course whatever Kennedy does, there goes Jules doing it too, “Harley touched Herbiiee!! Harley touched Herbiieee!!!!”

O. M. G.

Really Harley? You stepped on the magical elf from Santa Clause? Who does that?

We left him on the floor when we left in hopes that he would magically heal himself…
So, the entire day at work I was thinking of this freaking elf. I needed to keep the magic alive for my kiddos!

THANK GOODNESS Dad found Herbie before we got home. Dad found him on the counter with a band aid on his head and a bottle of Tylonal by his side. We think he was able to find our medicine cabinet and mend himself.


The poor elf is probably scarred for life.

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