Herbie Lately

Herbie has been so crafty lately! When we woke up one morning, we found that he built a snowman out of toilet paper! Kennedy’s response to this was, “But Mom, he is using stuff that we really need!”



He was so sweet the next day when he wrote, “I LOVE YOU” with the help of some candy canes!


After we searched and searched the next day for Herbie, we finally found him bundled up in our refrigerator! (The amount of alcohol I had to crop out from this picture is quite embarrassing) :/


He must have been really cold in there, because the next day we found him snoozing under a blanket in Jules’ room. He even made himself a pillow!


Kennedy found Herbie the next day – sitting on the window sill in the girls bathroom! Kennedy said, “I hope he doesn’t jump in when we are taking our bath!”



The following day, we found Herbie hanging upside down from the ice maker!


The next morning was tragic. As the girls were looking at Herbie being rocked by his friend he found in our Christmas Tree, he accidently fell out…onto the floor. If that wasn’t enough, our dog came and walked all over Herbie :( Long story short, he healed himself and all is well in Elf World. You can read all about the tragedy HERE.


All the excitement from the day before must have made Herbie really hungry. We found him in the pretzel container eating our pretzels!


The next morning we noticed a glow coming from the girls bathroom. That little stinker wrapped the toilet in colorful lights!


He was feeling very playful the next day when Kennedy found him in her room playing in her dollhouse! He was sitting in a chair getting warm and cozy by the fire.


Jules found Herbie the next morning hanging from the kitchen cabinet!


Herbie must have loved Kennedy’s snowman she made at school, because the next day we found him giving that snowman a big hug!


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