Until Next Year, Herbie!

One day I heard Kennedy yell, “Maaaaammmaaa!!!” I immediately thought Jules had done something, and that Kennedy was spilling the beans. Nope, it was HERBIE. He wrote all over their bathroom mirror! Little graffiti elf.


The next morning, we saw that he had stuck himself into our blinds!


I think the next day was Kennedy’s favorite Herbie day. We found that he had put ALL of Kennedy’s underwear on our Christmas tree! She was giggling so much this entire day, and was telling everyone what Herbie did.


Mommy found Herbie in her cabinet the next morning hiding in a glass!


Jules found that little stinker the next day hanging as décor on the wall in her room! (You will be happy to note I have put a picture into the 5×7 frame since I took this…it only took 2 years)


Mommy found Herbie the next day in the hallway by her closet. He was in a birdcage!


Two days before Christmas, Herbie wrapped our dining room table in wrapping paper! All that work got him tangled up in the ribbon hanging from the light!






Just like last year on Christmas Eve, we found that Herbie drew on our family picture! Last year he gave us red noses, and this year we received glasses! (Yes, we need our family picture updated)


We had so much fun with you this year, Herbie! Can’t wait to see you next December!

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