We’re Going to Need a Bigger Dining Room Table…

Our family is full of joy as we continue celebrating our own little Christmas miracle we learned about during the holiday season…two pink lines. That’s right! We will be welcoming Baby #3 in late August. We are so thrilled!

Of course, I told Daddy first. He came in the house on a regular day, and I told him I was cooking something. Since nothing was on the stove, he peeked inside the oven to find:


Next we told the big sisters. Jules was sort of clueless, but Kennedy was all smiles. She wanted to know if she could feel the baby, and she also told me I was having a boy. We shall see!

To keep it a fun surprise, we decided to tell our families when we were opening Christmas presents. It took a little while to read the Christmas card, but when they figured it out, they were excited as well. They opened their presents to find:


Of course I was immediately planning a fun photo shoot with the girls. I think this is one of my favorites yet :)


Of course I will document everything as usual. This was the first time in each of my pregnancies that I videoed everyone’s reactions to the news, and I smile every time I watch it.

We can’t wait to welcome this little miracle into our family. When he/she comes, we will have three kids under four years old! Bring on the fun ;)

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