Disney: Getting There

I am finally in the mood to write and share about our trip! For a while I was down in the dumps about my camera….every time I would look at my Memory Maker photos, it would remind me that I didn’t have all of our photos from the trip. However, God is so good, and our hundreds of pictures made their way back to our home. I do not apologize for the picture overload that is to come ;)

To prepare for our trip, we made a Disney countdown on our mantle. The girls were so excited to take the numbers off as the days got closer.





Three days before our trip, our awesome travel agent from Magic of Mickey Travel sent us tons of goodies in the mail. I jumped up and down when I opened the package.


I was also wide-eyed when I opened these bad boys…these are your life when you are in Disney. Now, the girls play “Disney” with them. They “scan” their wrist on the doorway, and then they go inside the “ride”.


The day before we left, Nana treated all the girls to a manicure. You have to have well groomed nails when meeting all those princesses! Jules chose red glitter, Kennedy chose red polish with gold glitter, and Mommy chose a special Mickey manicure.


Finally it was Disney Day, and we were out the door for 6:00am. The girls were up and ready to go with their carry-ons.


They sure were a hit in the airport rolling their luggage and holding hands.


After a 20 minute delay, our plane finally arrived! They were so excited and did great on the plane. Kennedy had a little trouble with her ears when we were descending, but other than that, they said it was fun.





One thing I did to prepare for the worst…I ordered temporary tattoos for the girls with my phone number. You can make fun of me, I don’t care! I ordered them from Safety Tats. They came in a pack of 24 tattoos, so we put a new one on their hand every day. I explained to them if they could not find Mommy or Daddy at any time, show someone your tattoo. Thankfully all we lost was a camera ;)


Finally we saw the sign that we had been dreaming to see!


The resort was very nice and colorful. The beachy atmosphere made us feel like we were on an island in the winter! The resort included five “islands” from the Caribbean…we stayed in Aruba :)




We made our way to the resort, put down our luggage, then headed to Animal Kingdom!

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