Disney Day 5: Magic Kingdom (again)

This was a sad sad day for Mom. This was the morning I realized I left my camera at the bus stop. So I was a wreck all day from the start.


Obviously, all the pictures I took on this day had to be taken with my iphone. I am thankful I had that at least! I could not go overboard since my memory on the phone is not huge, so I had to pick and choose the best moments to capture.

Since a marathon was going on this day, we had to take a different route to the park. One of the roads to Magic Kingdom was closed, so we were able to hop on the ferry from The Polynesian resort to Magic Kingdom. The girls loved this boat ride!


We first headed to Pirates of the Caribbean (which we missed the first day at Magic Kingdom).

Next, we ran into Chip and Dale! They are so funny! They kept bumping into each other, and they signed the autograph book upside down!





We rode the carousel AGAIN, and we caught the Move it! Shake it! Dance Party again. This time the girls were awake :)

We headed back to the room on this day (the only day we left the park and then went back at night). The girls napped in the room, then Dad took them to play on the playground at our resort. I had to make phone calls about the camera which took a while.

We made our way back to the park after a long afternoon. On the way to the park, I just smiled at my girls on the bus. Even though it was the worst camera day ever, my girls reminded me what to truly be thankful for in a bad situation. They were in deep conversation on the bus, then they started laughing and laughing. They would not tell us what they were laughing about. Then I caught them being silly eating French fries…

I’ve never had a sister, but if I did, I would want her to be just like this



We ate supper then grabbed a seat on Main Street to get ready for the castle lighting. We took a seat about an hour before the festivities began. You have to be THAT early to get a good spot. The girls played in the street and occupied themselves while we waited.






So nighttime in Magic Kingdom can get EXPENSIVE. Obviously it’s dark, so you need glow toys and lights! Luckily, I racked up at Wal-Mart before our trip. I bought so many glow toys, I looked like I was going to a rave. I am so glad I did this, and I will do it again when we go back. We let them open a glow toy/stick every 10 minutes as the sun was going down. They were so thrilled. It saved us huge bucks instead of buying the $30 glow toys that other kids had…and the $20 glow balloons. Yes, $20 for a balloon!!





It was time for Queen Elsa to light the castle with her magical ice powers. What an experience! Such a beautiful moment, and I did not have my camera :(


Right after the castle lighting, the Main Street Electrical Parade started. This was a fun one to watch. Wish I had pictures, but I caught my girls faces instead!




After fireworks, Kennedy and Jules were exhausted. This was the first night they fell asleep on the way back to the room.


Several people have been asking me about our stroller…
We rented a double stroller from Magic Strollers (we chose the Double City Mini). They delivered the stroller to the front desk of our resort, and picked it up for us in the same location. Super easy! As for the airport, we let the girls walk. It was not far, and they enjoyed rolling their carry-ons.

Yes, it’s a pain to fold and unfold the stroller every time you need to get on and off the bus, but a stroller is a necessity with kids. It had a lot of room at the bottom and compartments at the top to store phones and drinks. Also, the backs folded all the way down. So when the girls would nap, they could basically lie flat as if they were in a little bed. I would definitely rent this stroller again! (In my opinion, the ones people rented from the Disney parks looked hard and uncomfortable.)

I would suggest making a label for your stroller and bringing some string to tie it to the back. When you come out of an attraction, there are 100 strollers that look similar to yours, so our label made it easy for us to find our stroller.


We woke up early the next morning to catch our plane back home :( It was such a magical experience being in Disney with my growing family. I cannot wait to go back and do it all over again :)



Thankfully Jesus and St. Anthony answered our prayers, and our camera was found 3 days later. I am SO SO thankful someone did the right thing!

When I got back to work that week, I had a post it on my desk from a coworker. It said, “Miracles happen at Disney!” It brought tears to my eyes! I am so thankful for the entire week we were at the most magical place in the world!

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