What Does a Dad Look Like?

One of the more popular posts on this blog was What Does a Mom Look Like? I was reading it again a couple of weeks ago, and started thinking that many of the descriptions could apply to a dad as well. I started thinking of my husband and how he amazes me each day as a dad. He started out four years ago not knowing a thing about babies, and now he can teach me some stuff! I love to watch him with our girls and think to myself, “What does a DAD look like?”

His hands are callused from building, fixing, & assembling his little one’s favorite toys.

His face is determined as his helps his little slugger hit that ball for his first home run.

His entire body is numb from the vibrations of the lawnmower. The grass was finished an hour ago, but his extra passenger is enjoying the ride.

His knees are bruised as the “horse” carries the cowboy across the living room floor.

His shoulders are sore from letting his toddler sit to see about everyone else.

He enters his workplace with a Hello Kitty band aid on his pinky finger. No questions are asked since he lives in a house full of women.

He wears flour on his nose from teaching his little chefs how to bake bread.

His back aches from bending over to play dollhouse with his princess. (Mom thinks this is one of the most attractive things about him)

His shirt smells of roux from cooking for his family.

The tops of his feet hurt as his little dancer steps on them for a father-daughter dance.

He wears the proudest smile when he looks at his kids. He knows he is the luckiest dad in the world.





Hello 2nd Trimester!

Baby Folse #3 has been growing like crazy! At our first ultrasound, he/she looked just like a little peanut. Heart rate was 170.


At our recent ultrasound, Peanut showed us how much he/she grew! Dr. Milek could barely get a clear picture because Baby was moving so much! Heart rate was 160.


Between all of my pregnancies, this was probably my ninth or tenth ultrasound. IT NEVER GETS OLD. I cannot stop smiling the entire time I watch the screen – that’s OUR baby in there! Such a miracle.

Mommy has been feeling great. Kennedy tells me everyday how much my belly grew from the day before :) I have had no morning sickness, so I’ve been very blessed in that department. I would say my only symptom is tiredness. Obviously with two little ones already, it’s a little harder to keep up, but my energy should be returning soon. My last two pregnancies went really smoothly, so I’m hoping this one goes the same way!

Countdown: 28 more weeks!

Throw Me Somethin’ Mister!

We attended our first Mardi Gras parade of the season this past weekend. The girls had a blast. This was Jules’ first Mardi Gras parade ever! Last year the weather was yucky, so we all stayed inside.

We picked up some fast supper, then headed to meet our friends on the parade route.











When the parade finally came, it was getting dark outside. For some reason my camera would not take a clear picture. I think it was because of all the movement, lights, etc. There were cop lights, strobe lights, spotlights, and my poor camera just wouldn’t focus.

Anyways, Seth held Kennedy for every float, and Mommy held Jules for every float. I think I need a back replacement after that night – Sista is heavy!












This parade was not nearly as big as the New Orleans parades; however, it is the perfect size for families with young kids. It was good clean fun, and the kids were able to experience the local Mardi Gras tradition. I would say they were successful :)


Proud Mamma Moment

I have to brag on my sweet Kennedy today.

When I powered up my computer this morning, I saw a note from one of Kennedy’s teachers. Of course any parent thinks the worst…what did she do, what did I forget to send to school, etc.

But, as I started reading a huge smile spread across my face. I WAS SO PROUD.

Her teacher wrote to me that yesterday was “friends” day at school. This meant that other children who will be joining the school next year were able to visit the PreK 4 classroom to see what it will be like next year. Of course Kennedy’s class (PreK 3) was able to join in on the fun since they will also be in that classroom next year.

Her teacher said there was one very shy little girl who sat all by herself in the corner. When Kennedy noticed that she was lonely and alone, she moved all of her belongings right next to the little girl and went sit by her to keep her company. She voluntarily moved so that the little girl would have a friend and would not be sitting by herself.

As a parent, this type of note will make your day. Parenting is hard.

You never know if you are helping your kid out, or making them worse. You never know if you are molding them into something awesome, or creating a monster. You just teach them what you know and hope for the best.

You get even more anxious when they start school, because you can’t be by their side every second of the day making sure they are making the right choices. So when I received this note, it gave me encouragement that we are doing something right.

Way to go, Kennedy! We are so proud of you, sweet girl!