Proud Mamma Moment

I have to brag on my sweet Kennedy today.

When I powered up my computer this morning, I saw a note from one of Kennedy’s teachers. Of course any parent thinks the worst…what did she do, what did I forget to send to school, etc.

But, as I started reading a huge smile spread across my face. I WAS SO PROUD.

Her teacher wrote to me that yesterday was “friends” day at school. This meant that other children who will be joining the school next year were able to visit the PreK 4 classroom to see what it will be like next year. Of course Kennedy’s class (PreK 3) was able to join in on the fun since they will also be in that classroom next year.

Her teacher said there was one very shy little girl who sat all by herself in the corner. When Kennedy noticed that she was lonely and alone, she moved all of her belongings right next to the little girl and went sit by her to keep her company. She voluntarily moved so that the little girl would have a friend and would not be sitting by herself.

As a parent, this type of note will make your day. Parenting is hard.

You never know if you are helping your kid out, or making them worse. You never know if you are molding them into something awesome, or creating a monster. You just teach them what you know and hope for the best.

You get even more anxious when they start school, because you can’t be by their side every second of the day making sure they are making the right choices. So when I received this note, it gave me encouragement that we are doing something right.

Way to go, Kennedy! We are so proud of you, sweet girl!


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